Adriano Leverone


Present in our gallery since 1994.

Adriano Leverone's work is suffused with plastic tension which lends a formal abstraction to the pieces and implies an aristocratic choice of style. These qualities tend to underline the expressive quality of line. Leverone is an undisputed master of ceramics. Indeed, it is this technical expertise combined with his constant exploration of the medium and a formal equilibrium which synthesise to produce work of extraordinary beauty and illusionary lighness. This idea of levity is also conveyed in his stone (marble and granite) and bronze pieces. Throughout the work one is able to perceive a continuous path which links the origins of human artistic expression (clay is in fact the first material used by man for self expression) and the most recent instances of Contemporary Art. The visual perception in Leverone's work is however, only a prelude to a tactile exploration. Each work is an essembly of positive and negative forms, of concaves and convexes which project into the space, occupying and seeming to breathe it.The pieces appear to be living organism, both unicellular, as in his smaller works, and multi-cellular, as in the langersculptures which Leverone is producing more often these days. Leverone's work is refined Art in which thesophisticated applicationof aesthetic principle serves to showoff naturally and efficiently, geometric rigour and ornate decoration in plastic synthesis. Claudio Giorgetti

Forma come autobiografia
From 02/05/2014 to 11/05/2014
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