Stefania Orrù


Present in our gallery since 2013.

Her first interest has been in literature and poetry; during the years of university before in Urbino and after in Verona, she discovered the painting as a expressive means, and it immediately assumes a central role in her life. In 1997 she moved to Umbria, where she worked for about six years with the master spellano Marchionni. it is in these years she approaches the fresco and mural painting, she does own those materials with which it develops today, her personal research. The years 2001-2009 were rich in events, travel, meetings, contact and exhibitions that culminated with the publication of a monograph entitled "Painting and the key-ness". Her mentor is the Memory, narrator friend, available to her lure of Beauty and Mystery. She translates for us and she paints revealing the charm. Stefania Orrù tries to represent the intimate essence of the Woman.

Prima Luce
San Gimignano
From 15/08/2015 to 30/08/2015
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L'incanto dell'Essere. Materia e/e' Luce
From 09/07/2014 to 29/07/2014
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San Gimginano
From 30/03/2013 to 1/04/2013
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Stefania Orru'
ArToday Events - 2015
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Stefania Orru'
Edizioni Gagliardi - 2014
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