Galleria Gagliardi San Gimignano

Non c'è via più sicura per evadere dal mondo, che l'arte; ma non c'è legame più sicuro con esso, che l'arte.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


30 anni
di storia scritta grazie alla creatività dei nostri artisti, alla professionalità dei nostri imballatori e spedizionieri ed
alla fiducia dei nostri collezionisti provenienti da tutto il mondo.


Dicono di noi...

"Best contemporary art Gallery in Italy"
Begining of August this year me and my Wife visited Tuscany because concert of Andrea Boccelli (wonderfull) and decide visit San Gimignano next day. We found gallery named Galleria Gagliardi and met Mrs. Isabella (qualififed and helpfull). We found there many incredibile pieces of contemporary art. Paintings of A.P. enchanted us from the first touch. Few days later in home I ended up purchasing one of his paints and now my wife is a happy owner of amazing anniversary gift. Important think was to be on time with shipment (wedding anniversary date) and process was succesfully done. Isabella is charming knowledgable staff, packing, coordination of delivery to Poland was satisfied. We are looking for twin to our painting in her collection and hope A.P. create soon.
From Poznan, Polonia