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Artista Martha Eugenia Pachon

Martha Eugenia Pachoha esposto in Galleria Gagliardi  dal 2012 al 2013.

Martha Pachon si laurea in Fine Arts in "Surcolombiana" University of Neiva nel 1995. Dal 1990 inizia la sua carriera professionale nel come insegnante di Educazione Artistica presso the Istitute INEM di Neiva, Colombia e dal 1996 al 2000 insegna scultura e Design presso la "Surcolombiana" University of Neiva. Dal 1997 al 1999 insegna Teoria del Colore e Design nel Tessuto e Fashon Design alla "Corporaci'n Universitaria" di Neiva, Colombia. Si laurea con la specializzazione in porcellana e gres all'Istituto d'arte Ballardini di Faenza. Numerosi i premi ricevuti, le sue mostre personali e collettive. Collabora con il periodico "La Ceramica in Italia e nel mondo". Quella di Martha Pachòn è una opera leggera e traslucida, tra l'onirico e il concreto, trasfigurazione simbolica che concilia tradizione e modernità. Istallazioni, sculture, gioielli e pezzi de design de luce e porcellana o gres, pezzi unici, uso coltissimo della materia, affascinanti oggetti fatti a mano, senza mezzi meccanici, difficili e tecnicamente impeccabili. Sono diversi anni che l'Artista ha rivolto la sua attenzione ad indagare la femminilità, creando opere nate da profonde riflessioni tra erotismo e passione femminile, affrontati con la semplice raffinatezza e intelligenza di chi conosce il limite di un immaginario ricorrente.

Martha Pachón Rodríguez

Her current work consists of three lines: The sculptures mixture of human eroticism with animal nature.  The installations, result of an ethnographic investigation and art references, and a third precious production dedicated to porcelain jewelry.
The sculptural series is divided into “Full Color sea urchin” series, which evokes the creatures of the sea floor modified as new animal species and the recent “Floating World” series inspired by the Japan’s Edo period, by the imagined universe of wit, stylishness, hedonism and stravagance.
The pendants and translucent installations as “Wedding cloak” for the Romagna Bank, Italy, are a set of thousands of porcelain sheets, made ​​to be touched, heard and seen, in addition to their utilitarian function of illuminating.
Other architectural installations made for special projects, are inspired by the ceilings and walls painted by Giotto in the early Renaissance. One example, the “Mappa celeste” installed at “MuST Museum” in Italy, or the “Water Garden” Series for private collections in Europe.
About her work process, she makes slabs of extreme fineness, looking for transparency and the color, using ancients and complex Asian porcelain techniques of porcelain, including other means such as photography, paper, light, fabric or wood.
Recently, she started the MPR STUDIO in collaboration with professionals from the other sectors, embroiderers, light designers, carpenters, goldsmiths and others to develop work projects with architects, decorators, galleries and in the fields of fashion. 

Martha Pachón Rodríguez was born in Santa Fé de Bogotá, Colombia.  Graduated in Pedagogy for Art and Fine Arts at the “Surcolombiana” University of Neiva, Colombia and graduated in “Porcelain and Stoneware” Specialization at the Art Institute for Ceramics “Ballardini” in Faenza, Italy.
She has been professor of Art Education, she taught Sculpture and Design at the Surcolombiana University and she taught Theory of Color and Textile Design at “Corporacion Universitaria” of Neiva, Colombia
Currently she is the Art Director of FACC Faenza Art Ceramic Center, Faenza, Italy, she leads her studio in Italy and she is member of the IAC International Academy of Ceramics.


2021 MEDITERRANEO Series, LONDON ART FAIR, represented by MADEINBRITALY, london-art-fair- edit/on-line.

2021 CRAFTING A DIFFERENCE, represented by MADEINBRITALY at SoShiro gallery, London, UK.

2020 Guest Artist, Summer Exhibition, ROSSANA ORLANDI SUMMER GALLERY, Porto Cervo, Italy

2019 Artist invited to the MILAN DESING WEEK, presented by Officine Saffi at ELLEDECOR@WORK exhibition, Bovara Palace, Milan, Italy.

2019   Artist selected Biennale Internationale Métiers D’Art & Création REVELATIONS, Grand Palais, Paris, France.

“Fromm Sculpture to Jewelery”, conference and jewelery exhibition, Castle of Lugo, Italy

2018   CAA Ceramic Art Andenne, Italy Guest Nation, show and curatorship, Andenne, Belgium.

CLAYSTOF, Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur, Tegelen, Netherland

2017     «A L’ORIGINE», Terra Viva Gallery, St Quentin La Poterie, France

« EUNIQUE, International Fair for Applied Arts & Design, Karlsruhe, Germany

« Artist in Residence Program Exhibition, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

2016 « Martha Pachón Rodríguez and Victoire Catalans» Midnight Sun Gallery, Morges, Switzerland

« 50 WOMEN, a celebration of Women’s Contribution to Ceramics » NCECA Jazz Museum, Kanzas Citty, USA

Autour du bijou” Around the jewelery, « Les Printemps des Potier » Symposium, Bandol, France

Guests Artist, « Shigaraki Cramique Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan

Artist Selected « XXIV eme Biennale Internationale de Vallauris-Création Contemporaine et Céramique », Vallauris, France

« Mediterranean Column » Installation present at IAC International Academy of Ceramics General Assembly, Barcelona, Spain

Art Residence « Jingdezhen International Studio » Jingdezhen, China

2015 “More Art of decorating”, Keramikcentrum Tienschuur, Tegelen, Netherland.

“Faenza-Japan”, Sekiguchi Museum, Tokyo, Japan

« Piercing Eyes-Distilled Art Pieces » Stillfried Wien Gallery, New York, USA

«59 Premio Faenza» Contemporary Ceramic Competition, Faenza, Italy

“Scultura Ceramica Contemporanea” Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy

“Piercing Eyes/Distilled Art Pieces”, Stillfried Gallery, New York, USA

2014 Artist Selected « XXIIIème Biennale Internationale Création contemporaine et Céramique Vallauris 2014 », Vallauris, France.

Artist Selected « Westerwald Prize » KeramikMuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany.

“Mappa Celeste” opening of permanent architectural installation, “MuST” Faenza, Italy.

SOFA Chicago, represented by Officine Saffi Gallery, Chicago, United States

Artist Selected “10 th International Ceramic Competition MINO, Japan.

« Moving Objects » 46th General Assembly, International Academy of  Ceramics, Dublin, Ireland.

CONTAF 2014 National Congress of Fire Arts, Conference and Demonstration, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2013 Artist Selected «58 Premio Faenza» Contemporary Ceramic Competition,  Faenza, Italy.

Artist Selected at the XI International Ceramic Biennial, Aveiro, Portugal.

2012 « Contemporary Art Jewels”, Clay to dress, Officine Saffi Gallery, Milan, Italy.

« International Porcelain », Loes&Reinier Gallery, Deventer, Netherland. Artist Selected to the China Kaolin International Ceramic Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China.

2011 “Open to Art” International collective exhibition, Officine Saffi Gallery,  Milan, Italy.

Exhibition and Conference “La Céramique Italienne aujourd’hui”, Ravaisou Gallery and at Jules Vernes Theater, Bandol, France.

Artist invited “Mondes Céramiques” ARGILA 2011, Architectural Installation, Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs, Aubagne, France. 


Bank of Romagna, Contemporary Art Collection, Faenza, Italy
Private Collection, Shigaraki Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
FLICAM, Fule International Ceramic Art Italian Museum, Fuping – China.
Spezano Castle, International industrial and art ceramic collection, Fiorano – Italy.
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
International Ceramic Museum, Faenza – Italy.
“Istituto d’Arte per la Ceramica G. Ballardini” Faenza – Italy.
International Ceramic Museum, Cairo, Egipt.
Mamer, International Ceramic Collection “Biennale de la Sculpture en Céramique”, Luxembourg.
«Museo Internacional de Cerámica» L’Alcora, Valencia, Spain.
Private collections in Europe and Asia.


2018 Ceramic Art Andenne, Belgium, Curator of Italian Exhibition as guest nation and “Italian Contemporary Ceramics” Conference

2017 Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan, “Crossroads and cultures” Conference

2016 “Autour du bijou” Symposium, Bandol, France, « De la sculpture au bijou » Conference

2016 International Ceramic Competition – Faenza Art Ceramic Center, Italy, Juror: “I Crawling – La pelle divertente”.

2014 CONTAF, Sao Paulo, Brazil, “From Latin America to Europe” Conference

2012 International Ceramic Competition, Valladolid, Spain, Juror: “Concurso Internacional de Ceràmica”.

2012 International Ceramic Competition, Alcora, Spain, Juror: “Concours Internacional de Cerámica L’Alcora”.


2016 “Martha Pachón Rodríguez”, SEPIA Gallery, Villefranche de Rouergue, France

2013 “L’Abito della Festa” Martha Pachón Rodríguez, Installations, Gianetti Museum, Saronno, Italy

2012 “Martha Pachon Rodriguez”, Ancienne Poste Gallery, Toucy, France

2012 “Martha Pachon Rodriguez” AbOvo Gallery, Tody, Italy

2011 “Oursins” Atelier Orange, Parcours Céramique Carougeois, Genève, Swizerland.

2010 “Hilos–La terra del fuoco” Porcelain installations, Chapel of S. Croce, Avigliana, Turin, Italy

2010 “The Invisible Garden” Porcelain architectural installations, Chapel of S. Sebastian, Forlì, Italy

2008 “Hilos” Architectural Installations, Banca di Romagna, Faenza, Italy

2006 “Containers and Instruments”, L’Évènement, Vallauris gallery, France

2004 “Objetos Rituales”, Circolo degli Artisti gallery, Faenza, Italy

1996 “Fauna Mítica” Surcolombiana University, Neiva, Colombia 


2017 Third Award International Ceramic Art Award “Blanc de Chine” Lyon, France

2014 Bronze Award “10 th International Ceramic Competition MINO”, Japan.

2013 Silver Award “Kaolin International Competition”, Jingdezhen, China

2012 Second Award “International Contemporary Ceramic Meeting”, Albissola Marina, Italy

2011 First Award “Concurso Internacional de Ceràmica” Valladolid, Spain

2010 First Award “12ème Biennal de la Céramique”, Andenne, Belgium

2008 Bronze Award, “International Ceramic Competition, Mino 2008, Japan.

2007 Third Award, Concorso Internazionale “Ceramica e il corpo umano”, Faenza, Italy.

2007 Honourable Mention, “Concours Internacional de Ceramica L’Alcora”, Spain.

2006 First Award, Concorso Nazionale “Ceramica e il corpo umano”, Faenza, Italy.

2003 Honourable Mention “XXXVI Concorso Internazionale per la ceramica”, Gualdo Tadino, Italy.

2002 First Award, “Istituto d’Arte per la Ceramica Ballardini”, Faenza, Italia.

1999 First Award, “Fomcultura Arte Contemporánea”, Neiva, Colombia.

1998 Sculputure First Award, “Salón Regional de Artistas”, Neiva, Colombia.

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