Adolfo Lugli


Adolfo Lugli exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi in 2010.

Adolfo Lugli was born in 1954. 

After having studied at Istituto d’Arte Venturi in Modena, Adolfo Lugli obtained a degree at Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna in 1975.Lugli lives and works in Carpi. in contemporary art, his research developes for 30 years a continue and cross over dialectic confrontation with critics, artists, galleries, experts, and dealers of other disciplines, in cultural and economic policies.

In time, these confrontations are based on original projects shared with different International players. For exemple, his personal exhibition in Galleria Mazzocchi in Parma (1991), cared by French critic G. Georges Lemaire, L’invito al Castello della Volpaia, Radda in Chianti (1992); together Gallery Betta Frigieri; Il Nibbio di Leonardo, in Carpi (1996); care by Demetrio Papparoni and Maurizio Sciaccaluga; Ascolta la pianura, Carpi (1999), cared by Pietro Bellasi and Daniele Londei. A continue confrontation with critics, professors and artists about other subjects, in the field of cultural polies of society, experiences completed by remarkable European exhibitions as:

“L’Amore tra le rovine, industrial block in Cibeno di Carpi (1988); La Personale in Culture Palace of Praga (1990), presented in partnership with Italian industry like Mapei and Iris Ceramiche; Coniugazioni, San Paolo Church in Modena with Province; and at Etterburg, Weimer (2001); Arteinsegna, Modena (2004) and Catania (2005). Personal, multifaceted researches tha have brought Lugli to overcome in an original way of transit and relation among many languages, symbols and codes, founded on history in a strategic key of access and connection between different worlds to an innovative dialogue among systems. Art and Aestethyc, technology, production and social sciences, in a direction of events that don’t finish with artwork, but stand up and produce effects in the general system of society.

It is possible finding a complete biography of the artist in “Adolfo Lugli”, 2002, Nuovagrafica, Carpi (Modena)