Terms for purchase

In gallery, all credit cards are accepted.

The artworks purchased via e-mail will be delivered only after the total payment of the amount indicated in the proforma invoice; in this case, we only accept payment by bank transfer in Euro on the bank indicated by us.

Once the Customer has indicated his intention to purchase, they will receive the proforma invoice and will find in the attachment the details to make the Bank Transfer. From the date of sending our acceptance, the Customer has 7 working days to make the transaction and send the bank documentation of the payment by e-mail.

1. Delivery time
Unless otherwise stated in our order confirmation, our shipment will take place within the first week of the month following the date of purchase.

2. Cost of shipping
The shipping cost always includes packing, insurance and shipping: this cost is not included in the price of the artwork.

3. Insurance
All shipments are insured for the total of the amount on the invoice paid by the Customer (shipping included).

4. Packing
Each artwork is carefully packaged by a professional company with specific experience in the artworks packaging sector. The work is packed in a wooden or cardboard crate with the appropriate material to completely protect the integrity of the artwork contained. For specific packaging, we attach instructions for transport management and casing opening.

5. Shippers
Our shipments are made through national and international couriers for both CEE and non-EEC countries.

6. Door-to-door shipment
Door-to-door shipments occur when the size of the packing does not exceed the maximum allowable of a normal express courier delivery and/or the works are not particularly fragile.

7. Shipment stopping at International Airport
Shipment will stop at the international airport when the size of the packing exceeds the maximum allowable of a normal express courier delivery and/or the works are particularly fragile. Transportation from the airport to the customer's address is charged and handled by the customer.

8. Charges and storages
The Gallery is not responsible for any charges for storage at the shippers' or customs' warehouses due to late or non-withdrawal of the works by the Customer.

9. Documents
Each shipment is accompanied by invoice, authentic of the artwork and, for the non-EEC countries, from permits for the regular export of artworks authenticated by the Superintendence of the Artistic Heritage.