Andrea Caruso


Andrea Caruso exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi in 1993.

Andrea Caruso was born in Rome in 1965. From a very young age he began to frequent the ceramics community and soon embarked on several trips that helped him develop an interest in other cultures and artistic environments. In the course of his artistic activity, sculpture is given a leading role, with clay as the main medium, supplemented and sometimes replaced by other materials such as iron, resin and mixed techniques. 

Caruso's long-standing relationship with ceramics cannot be considered one of peaceful harmony, but rather of fruitful antagonism. His work with clays, as he himself says, was in fact dominated at the beginning by the anxiety to free himself from the millenary tradition linked to this expressive medium, freeing his own language not only from the set of forms inherited from tradition, but also from those derived from the most sophisticated and recent research and experimentation; The result is a series of decidedly personal sculptures nourished by informal reminiscences, in which red terracotta or ceramics give body - a rough, jagged and in some ways dramatic body - to "figures" configured in space by industrial iron rods, almost like totems or residual trophies of a world torn apart by conflicts and wars to which other projects carried out in parallel by the artist in other media allude. What might appear to be a "constructivist" attitude in his sculpture never leads to the definition of a pacified relationship with the world; on the contrary, in the creative process he lays bare such a deeply critical charge that it almost seems to call into question the very autonomy of this expressive medium with which he is so familiar. This emotional potential does not diminish even in the modelling of his "vases" which, intolerant of any functional intentions, stand out in space charged with plastic tension, with taut surfaces (almost cut out like metal sheets) and sharp profiles: abstract armour of warriors bristling with spears who face each other on the brief stage of the shop window. 

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Wimbledon School of Arts in London, Andrea Caruso exhibited at the Biennale di Scultura in Gubbio (1994), San Gimignano Galleria Gagliardi (1993)"LA MATERIA E L'USO", Rome (1995, 1997), Spoleto (1997), Santa Fe, Philadelphia and New York (1998) and joined the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in Manhattan. In 2003 he created a series of works on the theme of landmines for Gallery Korea, the Korean Cultural Institute in New York.

San Gimignano
From 03/09/1994 to 23/09/1994
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From 14/05/1993 to 23/05/1993
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