Antonio Delle Rose


Antonio Delle Rose is a cultured painter that uses the thought as I orchestrate interpretative of the different moments of the visual expression, besides as a theoretical support of the "transmutations in form" (to use the words of Hans Georg Gadamer) of his spiritual pulsions... " The figures - and the spaces - of Delle Rose they are silent, not because deprived of voice, but because absorbed in that incommensurable deposit of potential and unexpressed sounds that is called SILENCE, which is adjoining to the MYSTERY and both they are in the dizzy dimension of the ENDLESS. So the figures and the spaces of Delle Rose can speak, but with perceivable bawls only to whom possesses the ability to tune in himself to the listening of the sounds of the soul, that reach to the hearing, when they reach, by evocative way, crossing the kingdom of the mystery and bringing with itself infinitesimal harmonic and balmy doses, of truer truth. Armando Ginesi