Bruno Gambone


Bruno Gambone's works reveal a highly complex personality driven by a continuous need to experiment and aware of the material's potential, in the sense that it is a field abounding with new stimuli. As we can see from his enormous production, Bruno Gambone's language was born from a fine sensitivity that matured through an articulated series of studies. Actually, anote of admiration for the path that Bruno Gambone chose in his long career of artistic activity comes spontaneously. First of all, we cannot ignore the meticulous essentiality of his approach, the result of long thought and archetipal research. But then, we are immediately struck by the richness of the references to sensations that derive from the profound dialogue he mantains with the material enriched and renewed by primitive delays that only yield to the tension of contemporary arrangements with great parsimony. And finally, what is most interesting is the peculiar valence of each item,in form and colour, evolving continually to the point of entrancing the viewer by innovation, both in technique and in the relationship between the material and its sorrounding space. Gilda Cefariello Grosso

San Gimignano
From 03/09/1995 to 21/09/1995
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