Claudio Malacarne


When he was very young, he proved painter creating his first works at the age of 14. He frequented master Enrico Longflis's studio with methodical attention, succeeding in maturing his own pictorial investigation: so he is considered one of the most prolific colourists of our time. He loved very much the straight off paintings, with all those pithy brush-strokes that he already felt like his own. He studied passionately his favorite painters Gauguin, Van Gogh, the Fauves, Soroilla and Guttuso. In 1985 he started to exhibit his works, which were immediately appreciated by the public and the critics. His solo exhibitions were following each other and his works were notices by some merchants of art and in a short time were included in a market circuit at a worldwide level. He continued with his search for light. He traveled a lot to know new colors, atmospheres and subjects.Currently Claudio Malacarne is appreciated for his chromatic imagination, his aesthetic taste, the search for colors which are impetuous and soft at the same time. This free interpretation allows him to better express his feeling thus attaining an inner wellbeing, which is strongly shown in his pictorial balance.