Cracking Art Group


Cracking Art exhibits in our gallery since 2013.

The name "Cracking Art" comes from the English verb "to crack" = creaking, splitting, breaking, cracking, crashing, yielding... "Cracking is the gap of the contemporary man, struggling between the primary naturalness and a future more and more artificial". "Cracking is the process needed to transform petroleum into virgin naphtha, which is the basis for many products of synthesis, as for example plastic". Artists belonging to this movement believe that "Cracking is that kind of process which converts the natural into the artificial, the organic into the synthetic". A dramatic process, if not controlled, a splitting that puts everyone of us in front of new realities. "This opposition particularly reflects itself in the materials' choice (recycled plastic) and, subsequently, in the movement's social and environmental commitment". The group's intention to change art history through both a strong social and environmental commitment and the revolutionary and innovative use of different plastic materials that evoke a strict relationship between natural life and artificial reality.