Daniela Chinellato


Daniela Chinellato creates faces and people and characters with feeling but also with ironic detachment. Her lighthouses, houses and chimneystacks are real features of the landscape about us, but also landmarks in the mind of the artist who created them. Her art is figurative rather than abstract, whether the figures be real or dreamlike or symbolic - like for example a heart or a pair of wings. In any case, she tends to steer clear of abstraction. Every sculpture and every picture stems from deep inside and is her way of expressing meaning. Keeping pace with acquired experience, her art is forever taking new turns and her sculpture is becoming less and less concrete. There is even a tendency towards the conceptual in the curl of smoke ascaping from the chimneystack and barely hinted at by a spring of wire; or again in the lettering of the words in her pictures. Joy in assembling different materials, joy the use of colour, unencumbered spontaneity of texture give her pictures vibrant energy. The range of subject matter and intrinsic cohesion in this artist's work testify to her unique vision of the world. At the same time she manages to create archetypes, thus setting her artwork in the sphere of the universal. Pierina Rizzardi

San Gimignano
From 20/11/2003 to 08/12/2003
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