Danilo Fusi


"Danilo Fusi renders still more sensitive the inventions and reinventions, highlights and offcasts, unexpected incursions and revelations of a highly prehensile visual memory, stimulated to returning substance to memory through the gesture of drawing, that conquers space and marks the pathway like the warp for a chromatic weft. The pathway remains clear in linear phrasing that emerge here and there among bodies ably defined in volumetric and colouristic modulations. For Fusi, too, the key to the initiatory and purificatory itinerary is love, of the sinful kind (pride, avarice, lust) and of salvific kind, the kind that makes angels fall and the other that lifts to " The love which moves the sun and the other stars ". Memory and imagination recompose fragments of the story on the canvas, in an evocative counterpoint of drawn and painted areas, signalling pictorial pretence but also the capacity/necessity of painting for restitution of an integral vision, of an authentic participation of the senses, called not to lose themselves in the non-finite but to transform in resonance with the mark that becomes flash and animated bizarre action. Giorgio Segato

San Gimignano
From 21/02/2004 to 14/03/2004
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