Davide Puma


Puma since was really young dedicated him self to the art of the drawing , but he devoted the early years of his professional life to other career paths. He discovered the true passion for painting in 2003 when, just for fun, started working in the studio of his brother Corrado Puma. Encouraged by him, he decided him self to refine and direct his natural talent at the Academy of Bordighera "BALBO" with the teacher Enzo Consiglio and attended the Art Atelier the of nude of Mentone. Inspired by the great Master Painter of the twentieth century, Vespignani, Freud, and Casorati, he achieved, as result of this period, a clear, powerful, material painting that conquest and surrounds the viewer with an antique and sincere atmosphere, without unnecessary intellectual sophistication. The intense pictorial dialogue that Davide Puma offers, almost impressive at first sight, can be admired and penetrate slowly, since it has a suggestive power that is revealed little by little. Indeed, the painting of Puma is charming and emotional, he uses fluid drawing strengthened in the point where there is a area with character and soft in the area most enlightened. The brushstroke of colour is applied without smudging and excesses and supported by a sophisticated facility of composition.