Ebe Tirassa


Ebe Tirassa exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 2013-2018.

Her training as a potter begins with Giorgio Luciani, from whom he learned the techniques "raku" and "sealed earth". Later, with Luca Tripaldi, she has dedicated to naked, pit-fire, bucchero, high temperature, and finally arrives at the sculpture. Her latest works are dedicated to sculpture, in addition to jewelry. "The ladies" is a collection of small statues in terracotta work with a very personal touch, a clean, soft and sinuous. Women who, in the mystery of their incorporeal light, they communicate each a different emotion. In the panels, Tirassa, shows all hers compositional sensibility, each tile (unique) is made individually with raku technique. From many years,she is host of the international exhibition of Ceramics Castellamonte and has exhibited in many galleries as well as in several museums.