Fiorenza Pancino


Fiorenza Pancini exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 2004 to 2006.

Fiorenza Pancino is a woman artist; she belongs however to a generation that doesn't need to vindicate its own affiliation of any "kind." In her installations there are not howls, but thin games of thought, short-circuits of words and traces of hands that interest the stereotypes of the femininity. In the works of the artist there are some ironic cross-references, graffianti and aware toward a domestic world populated by simulacrums and vestiges of lived and consumed subjectivities. Fiorenza Pancino revolutionizes and makes to burst the great tradition of the maiolica. The ancient practice of the decoration "with brush" is updated by the artist that, with great ease, renews a sort of "modern historied", painting in synthetic way and even "summarized", through which she cures of her whims to tell her self-referential histories.

Fiorenza Pancino was born in 1966.

She is passionate about ceramics, which she says resembles her because like her is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. However she also uses other mediums, such as videos, photography and materials, like paper and fabric, in her artistic endeavours.

Recent projects include an International Ceramic Residency at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China and at Ceratekno, Toki, Japan.
In 2018 she was asked to exhibit at the European Ceramic Contest in Bornholm in Denmark, at the Sogo Museum of Art in Yokohama in Japan, and at the Eunique Art Fair in Karlsruhe in Germany.
In 2011 she was awarded the honourable mention at the International Gyeonggi Ceramic Biennale in Icheon, South Korea, in 2013 she was asked to exhibit at Les Journes de la Céramique in Paris. In 2015 she took part in the "Ceramica Viva" group at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome. In 2017, she won the C. Casali jury prize at the 11th International Ceramic Competition in Mino also in Japan, 1st prize at Appignano Ceramica in Deruta, Umbria, and held a solo show at the Cantir Museum in Argentona in Spain.

group shows
Un ambiguo malanno, Pancino, Ravagli, Zarabini, by A. Golfarelli, Oratorio S.
Sebastiano, Forlí, Italy
European Ceramic Contest, Borholm, Denmark
Collettive FACE (Pancino, Kotliarsky, Keller, D’Alberto) by E. Agosti, Argillà,
Faenza, Portoni Aperti, Nove, Vicenza, Italy
Sogo Museum of Art, Yokohama, Japan
Art Fair Eunique, Karlsruhe, Germany
Labor im Chor Gallery, Schwabisch Gmund, Germany
Exposition S Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery, Jingdezhen, China
Artist of Faenza, Eri Dewa and Tomoko Sakumoto, Sekiguchi Museum of Art,
Tokio, Japan
La scultura ceramica contemporanea in Italia, Contemporary National Gallery
of Rome, by M. Margozzi, Roma, Italy
Change 3 Contemporary ceramic art, Pottery centers Fornace Pagliero, by S.
Imperiale, Castellamonte, Torino, Italy
Arte ceramica oggi in Italia, Villa Necchi Campiglio, by J. Blanchaert, Milan,
Les Journes de la Céramique, Place St.Sulpice, Paris, France
La ceramica contemporanea italiana, Ravasou Gallery, Bandol, France
Per nuovi viaggi, Pancino,Mariani, Vecchia Pescherie Gallery, by M. Melandri
l'Immagine Gallery, Cervia, Italy
54' Venice Biennale, by V. Sgarbi, Pavillon Italy, Torino, Italy
Diario pubblico, Spazio Nibe Gallery, Milan, Italy
Omaggio alla terra, Castello di Grumello by P. Daverio and J. Blanchaert,
Bergamo, Italy
Anarcord, Venticorrenti Gallery, Milano, Italy
ArtGallery Admiral Parhotel, Bologna, Italy
Artefiera CERCÒ, Saragoza, Spain
Anarcord, Museo Carlo Zauli, by G. Manzoni, Faenza, Italy
Museo di Montelupo Fiorentino, Firenze, Italy
Contemporary art, Sala Albertini, V.Sorrentino e T.Flamigni, Forli, Italy
Ora et labora Artecontemporanea by C. Casali, Modigliana, Forli, Italy
La terra è femmina, Palazzo Zuckermann, by G.Villani, Padova, Italy
MIART with Techne Contemporary Gallery by E. Nesti, Milan, Italy
Anarcord, Terre Rare Gallery, by G.Manzoni, Bologna, Italy
Contemporanea, Artefiera, Forli, Italy
Artefiera,by Techne Contemporary Gallery, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Mosaico ceramico, Sideshows at Venice Biennale by P. Daverio, Venice, Italy
L'Immagine Gallery, Cesena, Italy
Museum Civico De Fabris, Nove, Vicenza, Italy
Od design, by E.Biffi Gentili, Torino, Italy
Fragile Artecontemporary, Settore territorio, by G. Manzoni, Faenza, Italy
Municipal Gallery, by C. Pauletto, Portogruaro, Italy
Faenza oggi, Rifugio Gualdo Tadino, by J. Ruiz de Infante, Sesto Fiorentino,
Firenze, Italy
solo shows
La butterò sul surreale, by I. Biolchini, Galleria della Molinella, Faenza, Italy
Il Cibo dell'anima, Museu del Cantir, Argentona, Barcellona, Spain
Les Journes de la Céramique, Place St.Sulspice, Paris, France
375, Banca di Credito Cooperativo Ravennate e Imolese, Faenza, Italy
Passato, presente, futuro, Banca di Romagna and Museo Carlo Zauli, by C.
Casali, Faenza, Italy
Punto G, Sideshow at Contemporary Art Festival, Faenza, Italy
Opere recenti, Paradigma Gallery, Firenze, Italy
Fuori di Se', Casa Rossini, by S. Vecchi, Lugo, Ravenna, Italy
Spazio Nibe Gallery, Milano, Italy
La principessa sul Pisello, J. Blanchaert Gallery, Milano, Italy
Diversi, Il Fischio,Gallery, Torino, Italy
Succede anche nelle migliori famiglie, Circolo degli artisti, by J.Ruiz de
Infante, V. Emaldi, Faenza, Italy
11' International Ceramic Competition, Mino, Japan
39' International Gualdo Tadino Ceramics 2017
First Prize at Competition Appignano Ceramica, Appignano, Italy
59' Premio Faenza, Faenza, Italy
17' Biennal de Ceramica d'Esplugues Angelina Alos, Esplugues de Llobregat,
58' Premio Faenza, Faenza, Italy
Honorable mention at 2011 International Competition Gyeonggi Ceramix
Biennale, Corea del Sud
First prize concorso Deruta, Pesaro, Italy
17' Lilliput Ceramic Worldwide Exhibition
Ceramic plates , Zagabra, Croazia
1st European Ceramics Competition, Amauroussion, Grecia
7' International Competition of Cairo, Egitto
Viaggio attraverso la ceramica, International Prize, Vietri sul Mare, Salerno,
First Prize Opera prima Ceramica 98', Voltana, Ravenna, Italy
workshops and residencies
Macro Asilo Roma, curated by G. De Finis, Atelier #1 Residenza d’Artista,
Roma, Italy
Jingdezhen International Visiting Studio Artist, Jingdzhen, China
Ceratekno, Toki, Japan
Coefficente H, Artist in Residence by A.Maggi, Sticciano, Firenze, Italy
4' International Symposium of Ceramics, Nove di Bassano, Vicenza, Italy