Fiorenza Pancino


Fiorenza Pancino is a woman artist; she belongs however to a generation that doesn't need to vindicate its own affiliation of any "kind." In her installations there are not howls, but thin games of thought, short-circuits of words and traces of hands that interest the stereotypes of the femininity. In the works of the artist there are some ironic cross-references, graffianti and aware toward a domestic world populated by simulacrums and vestiges of lived and consumed subjectivities. Fiorenza Pancino revolutionizes and makes to burst the great tradition of the maiolica. The ancient practice of the decoration "with brush" is updated by the artist that, with great ease, renews a sort of "modern historied", painting in synthetic way and even "summarized", through which she cures of her whims to tell her self-referential histories.