Gabriele Erno Palandri


" His art is like a hermetic poem where all is symbolic, metaphysical and existentialist, where experimenting brings to the decomposition of the traditional language." His masterpieces are time and emotions cuttings, immortalized people. The masterpiece can now be seen from all its hidden sides, the backgrounds melt with its own subjects telling us about them and about the inner world of human being.  "Sum all up, letting these detailed images meet the unfocused and incomplete world of sketches. If pen is the Artist preferred tool, the type of line he chooses may vary depending on the message. Infact we may find it neat and well-outlined or unfocused, when Palandri is telling us of the outside agitated world, full of facts and of incomprehensible words; in that case, to come out are sounds more then shapes. Instead it is the incomplete image of the sketches bringing us back to his beginning when the represented subjects worth more, and the path driving us to understand the whole masterpiece is suddenly seen. R.C.