It deals with still life paintings of fruit and vegetable, said "Nature in laying" of the maximum optic precision. The result is strong, cheerful but unreal: exult of light and of color! The spectator is strongly attracted by these works, as he feels in them the fragrance of an immersion in that garden of the Eden that is the nature. These still life paintings are frontally exposed on the perspective plan of the axle against the united surface of the fund, with the studied formal equilibrium that the statues of the pediment of a Greek temple have. Gerico makes to speak the things themselves, without bawdiness, he knows how to give back pulp to what fixed with his photographic brush, magic brush with which he knows how to complete the miracle of the tangible epifany, in fact, because of the illusionistic effect of the images, the spectator is caught by the impulse to lengthen the hand to take a radish, a pepper or a leaf of salad.