Giorgio Laveri


Giorgio Laveri exhibits in our gallery since 2004.

The composition, the colours and the elements that are part of Giorgio Laveri's research, are emphasized through the ceramic medium that testifies as the artist can enrich and renew the creative potentialities of each work of art.Supported by the strong cultural inheritance of the "ready-made" by Duchamp, from the "combines" by Rauschenberg , from the compositions of Rosenquist, and by certain advertising art works by Oldemburg, but also from the expressive means of the nouveaux realistes, the works of Giorgio Laveri experienced potter, induces us to think about the strong contrast between the ruthless consumer society (consumerism) and the passion that ties human being (man) to his objects, between annihilation of meanings and the emotional need of form and objects, between the tendency to abandonment and the necessity of recovery. Therefore, the common object as a symbol, seductive vision of the present, when traces of the of the past can be found again. Laveri's art works speak of reality, of the contemporary world, of the forms that characterize it and of the colours that dominate it. With the Truka series, the artist continues his research with the personal and free use of ceramics: in full tuning with his poetic world, in a cinema context, transforming, in this case, common lipsticks in a metaphor of the stage makeup and in ironic monuments of them-self.

From 04/06/2005 to 26/06/2005
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