Giovannini Alessandro


Alessandro Giovannini exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi ​ in 2004.

Alero - Poetics of memory

Alero's artistic research is based on the philosophical concept of dualism, developed and analysed by carrying out studies on memory, time and balance. The final result, the work, is then conceived and packaged with an amalgam of poetry, irony, playfulness and an attentive look at the present. One of the artist's characteristics is his continuous experimentation, both in the stylistic and technical fields, moving from time to time towards different means of expression, not seeking a recognisable style but rather the best "way" to express a concept. Aware that photography, video and computers are our new eyes for observing the world, he chooses to work by filtering his ideas through these media and then recomposing them on canvas or other supports in the form of images, most often figurative, sometimes abstract. The choice of subjects is due to the identification, originally instinctive and then deepened by studies, of themes linked to history, science, philosophy, music or even to events from life that intrigue and attract him.generally works in cycles, each of which is defined by a different number of works, and by different forms and expressive techniques.

Alessandro Rossi Giovannini (Alero), was born in Rieti in 1969, and graduated in 1995 from the "P. Vannucci" Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, in the painting course.
A refined but at the same time passionate and impetuous painter, he has been exhibiting in art galleries and public places since 1993.
In addition to painting, the artist's main occupation and passion, he has been involved in other areas of art over the years.
He has worked as a set designer with a theatre group, taking care of the design and production of several shows between 1994 and 1998, including Pervinca from Pirandello and two street shows with an allegorical theme.
From '98 to 2000 he worked with fashion and advertising photographers in Milan, creating painted and sculptural backdrops for working sets.
For a short period in 2002 he founded an association of professional photography, and exhibition design, curating the catalogue and exhibition of G. Rouault, P. Cano and prints of '800 at the foundation stelline in Milan, and some exhibitions in private art galleries.
He has worked alongside architects in the furnishing of public places, dealing with the decorative and sculptural sphere both in the design phase and in the realisation.
He has often been involved in the ceramics sector, at 2 artisan factories in Gubbio, in the creation of new design lines for the table and decorative subjects.
He has always worked occasionally in the field of graphics, creating posters and advertising images, catalogues and, in recent years, websites.
He has illustrated several storybooks and a cookbook.
He was mentioned in the magazine "FlashArt - Italia" (2002) among young Italian painters, published in the book Aa L'arte per l'arte by Angelo Capasso (2003), several articles in other magazines and newspapers (Exibart, Segno, Temaceleste, Next, Il Tempo, etc.).
In recent years, he has concentrated mainly on researching new painting techniques and expressive languages, refraining, although requested and invited, from exhibiting, and leaving space only for rare events as a protagonist.


2013 – retrospettiva a Praga
2012 – “Mitologico” – Galleria Blue Corner, Carrara – testo in catalogo G.Pangaro
2010 – “Into the palace” – Libreria Bibli, Roma
2007 – “Contrasti” – Galleria Snoop, Carrara – a cura di Jacopo Cannas
2003 – “The games” – galleria Nicola Ricci, Artecontemporanea, Pietrasanta (Lu), a cura di Angelo Capasso
2002 – “Bassa visibilità, eccesiva visione”- Galleria Nicola Ricci, Pietrasanta (Lu), a cura di A.Capasso
2000 – “Frammenti permanenti” – Ex Magazzini Generali, Roma, a cura di A.Capasso
2000 – “Come già assente… Come già presente” – Galleria Campioli, Roma, a cura di A. Anselmi

2006 – “Calendario”- Galleria Snoop, Carrara
2005 – “Simposio di scultura” – Galleria civica, Carrara
2005 – “Artissima” – Galleria Nicola Ricci, Torino
2005 – “Artisti della galleria” – Galleria Nicola Ricci, Pietrasanta (Lu)
2004 – “Percorsi Urbani” – Spazio SMIT, Roma, a cura di B. Martusciello
2004 – “Arte Fiera” – Galleria Nicola Ricci, Bologna
2003 – “Gratis” – Castello Pasquini , Castiglioncello (Li), a cura di Armunia
2002 – “Exit-Art, love & peace”, presso la sala Silentium, Bologna, a cura di Ass.cul. “C. Voltaire” in collaborazione con E. Cannaviello
2002 – “A nudo” – Galleria A. Battaglia artecontemporanea, Milano, a cura di F.D’Antona
in collaborazione con E.Cannaviello
2001 – “Trailers”- Studio d’arte Cannaviello, Milano
2000 – “Miart”, Milano