Giuseppe Diso


Giuseppe Diso exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi  from 2004 to 2007.

After his artistic studies at the "G. Toma" State Institute of Art in Galatina, where he obtained a diploma in Plastic Decoration in 1987, he attended the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in Lecce, graduating in 1997. Parallel to his humanistic studies, he followed the poetics of a figurative expressionism inspired by existential problems also related to the social environment he belonged to and mainly hinged on psychological implications, documented in national exhibitions. Subsequently, the initial expressionism, with its emotional charge, tended to dissolve in the search for an expressive lyricism, the result of a careful reflection on the figurative culture of the twentieth century. Parallel to this research, he developed an interest in new pictorial media and an abstract expressionism in line with the initial figurative expressive tendencies and not devoid of material-gestural suggestions. His works appear in public and private collections.