Graziano Carotti


Thanks to their character,these terracotta figures are redolent with memories and modernity,thanks also to their slightly enigmatic appearance,with a hint of irony and disarming ingenuity.The subjects (which, most of the times are female adolescents) appear to claim back a life which is on the borderline between an affirmation of their own individuality and an inclination towards oneric momentum. Thanks to their dreamlike quality,the faces and the shapes of Carotti's creatures are in fact sets on a spiritual plane where the winds of history meet the immediacy of matter,which has been shaped in such a way as to generate a repertoire of characters engaged on the stage of an imaginary theatre. These characters interpret a range of options which are as varied as the range of moods with which the artist interprets his relationship with the world: unacknowledgeable wonder and ineluctable bewilderment,passionate attention to a tuning with reality and determined distancing from day-to-day life which enables the artist to identify its contradictions and its worries Carotti's pieces originate from a need for assertion in the convergence between their pictorial ''skin'' (nearly all of them being polychromatic) and the body shaped from the union of anatomic joints and movement ability,revealing their soul in its innermost expression;these creatures represent the creator's psychological impulses, even when these are revealed through the magic emanating from their positions of expectancy or awareness of their own being.This could lead to their interpretation as alienated voices of a secret microcosm within which,with every pulse of the most diverse stimuli, the viewer can measure himself or herself with the value of a symbolic aspect which is congenial to him or her.

From 2005 to 2005
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