Ilaria Margutti


Ilaria Margutti exhibits in our gallery since 2018.

Ilaria Margutti has chosen an ancient art to talk about pain, healing and redemption. Embroidery is a female activity since the dawn of humanity. She allowed the needle, used as a pencil or as a brush, to let the thread tell an individual story that art makes universal. Thin but strong, the thread is twisted, stretched, knotted to patiently and proudly weave the representation of a sinuous and quivering body and ultimately confirm a new identity in conformity to new criteria. Pervaded by deep existential meaning, the mending of the body symbolizes the memory of a laceration in life that has to remain as a warning for the future. The damage makes the woman aware of the fact that she has become more "dangerous" because now she is aware the she can survive. 

from Adriana Soldini 

San Gimginano
From 30/03/2013 to 1/04/2013
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Ilaria Margutti
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