Laura Bartolomei


Laura Bartolomei was born in Italy in 1974. 

She graduated from the Liceo Artistico Statale in Latina, important years for her training and knowledge. In 1993 she enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, abandoning her studies in 1996. 

She devoted herself to other creative and cultural activities, also attending a photography course. In 2014 she founded the cultural association "La Stanza delle Meraviglie", through which she promotes Art and Literature. 

In 2020 she resumed painting studying the Hyperrealism technique with the painter Adolfo G. Bigioni and now she dedicates herself entirely to figurative painting and drawing. 

Photography is the first element from which to abstract the idea of the work and materialize it on the canvas, favoring plays of light and reflections that give shape to the subject, trying to arouse an emotional universe in the viewer.

She paints still life as an interpretation of everyday life and human states of mind, to give a sense of pause and reflection in this modern, chaotic world.

2023. International collective exhibition "My Song" at the Davide Rossillo Contemporary art gallery, Formia, Italy.

2023. Publication in the Art Guide Leonardo 2023 by Galeria Artelibre, Spain.
2023. Start of collaboration with the Gagliardi Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy.

2023 Best Art Awards 2023 International Art Competition Award (online platform),                                                                                                               work L'ATTESA ranked third in the Still Life category.