Luciano Laghi


Luciano Laghi was born on December 10th, 1958 at Brisighella. He live and works at Fognano. As high-school he attended the "Istituto d'Arte G. Ballardini" in Faenza, where he is working as a teacher, and he also got the diploma at the "Accademia delle Belle Arti" in Bologna. After an artistic career extending over 20 years , Luciano Laghi continues to develop art work reflecting his own identity. Laghi uses traditional glazes, but as a result of his research and his ever developing experience during the last ten years, the outcome has proven different. Due to the effect of light, texture and colors, each work of art acquires a dramatic contrast. In his last proposition, Laghi ventures deeper in the world of geometry, by joining the pieces which then tie reality and fiction together. The artist reflects, swings and turns around in his spirit among the matter, color and space with the support of a constructive, universal and infinite language.