Luciano Laghi


Luciano Laghi exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 1993 to 1995 and from 2012 to 2013.

Luciano Laghi was born on December 10th, 1958 at Brisighella. He live and works at Fognano. As high-school he attended the "Istituto d'Arte G. Ballardini" in Faenza, where he is working as a teacher, and he also got the diploma at the "Accademia delle Belle Arti" in Bologna. After an artistic career extending over 20 years , Luciano Laghi continues to develop art work reflecting his own identity. Laghi uses traditional glazes, but as a result of his research and his ever developing experience during the last ten years, the outcome has proven different. Due to the effect of light, texture and colors, each work of art acquires a dramatic contrast. In his last proposition, Laghi ventures deeper in the world of geometry, by joining the pieces which then tie reality and fiction together. The artist reflects, swings and turns around in his spirit among the matter, color and space with the support of a constructive, universal and infinite language.

Born in 1958 in Brisighella (Ravenna). He lives and works in Fognano near Faenza. He graduated
1982 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a specialisation in painting, and studied at the
Institute for Ceramics 'G. Ballardini' in Faenza. Ballardini' in Faenza, where he now teaches Ceramic Art, with national and international
national and international recognition.
The stylistic hallmark of this great ceramist is the very special material and texture of his works and sculptures, achieved thanks to the
and texture of his works and sculptures, achieved through a long and complex process and technique.
Luciano superimposes large slabs of ceramic mixture one on top of the other, transforms and joins them, until they are
several times with engobe or earth, either by brush or spray, or by polishing them with quartz sticks.
quartz sticks.
At the beginning of his production, he was inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the natural scenery of Italy and the Americas.
and the Americas and was fascinated and fascinated by architectural themes.
now concentrates on the 'human landscape', allowing himself to be involved in the creative process above all by emotion and feeling.
emotionality and feeling. Sharp edges and clean surfaces, objects shattered and then reassembled, lights and shadows arising and
and shadows that arise and disappear in the repetition of concave and convex forms in a sort of material and three-dimensional abstraction.
and convex forms in a sort of material and three-dimensional abstractionism: Luciano Laghi's sculptures ennoble ceramic and
challenge its plasticity.

Mostre personali

2010 “Ricomposti-La Terra del Fuoco”, Galleria Porta Ferrata, Avigliana, Torino, Italy
2007 « Astrattismi Ceramici », Palazzo Abbondanza, Bagnacavallo, Italia
2007 “Art Residence-exhibition” Centro Ceramico, Gijón, Spagna
2005 “Ricomposti” , Galleria L’Événement , Vallauris, France
1997 « La Rivolta degli oggetti parlanti », Galleria Circolo degli Artisti, Faenza, Italia
1994 “Luciano Laghi”, Banca del Monte, Faenza, Italia
1991 “Luciano Laghi”, Galleria Gaia Studio, Faenza, Italia

Mostre collettive

2009 “I Primi dei 15” Galleria Carbonari, Cesena, Italia
2009 “UNICUM”, Triennale Internazionale della Ceramica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2009 “Le Brocche”, “Museo della Ceramica”, Gubio, Italia
2008 “Four Seasons”, International Ceramic competition, Mino, Giappone
2008 “La dimensione creativa e i suggerimenti della terra”,Accademia Albertina delle Belle
Arti, Torino, Italia
2007 “Astrattismi Ceramici”, Palazzo della Abbondanza, Bagnacavallo, Italia
2007 Art Residence, Centro Ceramica, Gijòn, Spagna
2006 “Vaselle d’Autore”, “Centro Congressi Le Tre Vaselle”, Torgiano, Perugia, Italia
2005 “La Fabbrica delle Immagini”, “La Pescheria”, Lugo, Italia
2005 XXXIII International Ceramic Competition, Gualdo Tadino, Italia
2005 “54 Concorso Internazionale della ceramica”, Faenza, Italia
2004 “European Ceramic Competition, EuCeCo, Maroussi, Grecia
2003 “La forma tra la continuità e la innovazione”, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche,
Faenza, Italia
2003 “Concours Internacional de Ceràmica”, “Museo Internacional de Ceràmica”, Alcora, Spagna
2002 “European Ceramic Exhibition”, Maroussi, Grecia
2002 “Biennale de la sculture e céramique”, Mamer, Lussemburgo
2001 The 1st World International Ceramic Biennale, Korea
2000 “5° International Biennale for Ceramics, Cairo, Egitto
2000 The 5th International Ceramic Art Competition 2000, Pusan, Korea
1999 “Quando la Ceramica diventa Arte”, Tecnoargilla”, Verona, Italia
1999 “Contemporary Ceramics Arts”, Aichi, South Korea
1997 Biennale d’Arte Romagnola, Scultura, Palazzo del Ridoto, Cesena, Italia
1996 “2do Certamen San Agustin de Ceràmica”, Avilez, Spagna
1996 “Korea-Italia” Ex-Chiesa de S. Vitale, Faenza, Italia
1996 “Incontri Impossibili tra Arte e Industria”, CERSAIE, Bologna, Italia
1995 Design Competition, “Ceramic Week”, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italia
1995 “La terra plasmata” 56° Mostra Internazionale, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italia
1993 “Ceramica nella Scultura Contemporanea”, Monteroni D’Arbia, Italia
1993 “Contemporary Italian Ceramics”, Townhall Centre of Industry and Culture, Tokio, Giappone
1993 “L’Oggetto Neoclettico” Concorso Internazionale, ABITARE IL TEMPO, Verona, Italia
1992 “1st International Cairo Triennial of Ceramics, Cairo, Egitto.
1992 “XII International Biennal Céramique”, Vallauris, Francia
1992 “Ceramiche Italiane Contemporanee”, Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Arita, Giappone
1992 “ Ceramiche Italiane Contemporanee”, Shigaraki, Giappone
1992 « XIII Biennale Internazionale Ceramique d’Art, Taipei, Taiwan
1991 « Fletcher Challange Ceramics Award », Auckland, New Zealand
1991 “Aveiro ’91 Bienal Internacional Artìstica”, Aveiro, Portogallo
1991 “47° International Ceramic Competition”, Faenza, Italia
1990 “With fire Italian Ceramics” Museum für Kunsthaendewerk, Francoforte, Germania
1990 “With fire Italian Ceramics”, Zurich, Svizera
1990 “With fire Italian Ceramics”, Dusendolf, Germania
1989 Biennale Internazionale d’Arte, Galleria Diaframma, Grottaglie, Italia
1988 “Techna-Arte Gallery”, Bologna, Italia
1988 “Arte Fiera”, Bologna, Italia
1988 Biennale Giovani 88’ Giovani Artisti dell’Europa Mediterranea”, Bologna, Italia
1987 “45 Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica”, Faenza, Italia
1986 “44 Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica”,Faenza, Italia
1986 “Salbrand Keramik’ 86, Koblenz, Germania

Premi e distinzioni
2008 Premio Speciale, International Ceramic Competition, Mino 08, Giappone
2005 Premio Acquisto “XXXIII Concorso Internazionale di Ceramica”, Gualdo Tadino, Italia
2000 Terzo Premio V International Biennial for Ceramics, Cairo, Egitto
1996 Premio Acquisto“2do Certamen San Agustin de Céramica”, Avilez, Spagna
1992 Primo Premio ex-aequo I International Biennial for Ceramics, Cairo, Egitto
1991 Targa d’Oro “XXXI Concorso Internazionale di Ceramica”, Gualdo Tadino, Italia
1987 Premio Acquisto “44 Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica”, Faenza, Italia