Manuel Felisi


The paintings of this young milanese artist are the result of a work which is in the middle between paint and digital methods: superimpositions of filled and transparencies. Manuel Felisi uses photos taken in the places he has lived; or in which, simply, he has passed through. Images of objects and people met along his path that have no demand for quality but a fundamental value: they are traces of biographical instants. Between the floreal decorations of old clothes or wallpapers, which the artist recovers and uses to build his canvas, surface the subjects immortalized by the camera like ghosts of a memory that is not only individual, but belonging to anyone who can regain the memory of his own experience. Stopping at the borders between abstraction and figuration, Felisi creates striking oppositions among artificial and nature, man and greenery, spaces, roads, architectures often unmanned but smartened by a dynamic motion of limbs, leaves and flowers. The painting intervention greets photography in the attempt to give eternity to clothes and images, which were lacking of attention until that moment.