Marco Di Piazza


Marco Di Piazza exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 2004 to 2012.

His works evokes simultaneously anancient and modern language: the migration movements of peoples, the apcentance of the other, the collision of different cultures. Whether expressing himself through painting or sculpture, Di Piazza always aims for the essential, a dry shape without any deception or illusion. On the one hand, using lines and sign, andon the other hand rough, chiselled, unpolished stones, with no quest for beauty as or a particular effect, we continuously take part inthe staging of this movement and journey. On paper or through lines in bronze or still or stone.A journeywhich starts with the family and familial intimacy, leading us into contemporary society and grasping its moods, conflicts and continuous changes. In his works the abstract blends with the figurative. Di Piazza talks about the journey of those without a home and passionately desires both intimacy and harmony. Marco Brogi

Genval, Bruxelles / Gallery Cap d´Art – Individual sculpture exhibition
Köln, Italian Institute of Culture: Einzelausstellung
Rolandseck, Bonn: Europäisches Kulturzentrum, Galerie Rosemarie Bassi
Bonn-Bad Godesberg: Haus an der Redoute: Einzelausstellung
Modena, Direzionale `70 e Terrazzo F.C.Panini Editore, Personale di pittura e scultura
United Nations | Framework Convention on Climate Change, Secretariat Bonn, A MOVEMENT FOR SURVIVAL, Sculptures and Paintings
Roma, Portico of the Church of San Giorgio al Velabro: solo sculpture show
Prag, Italian Institute of Culture – Italienische Botschaft Einzelausstellung .:.:. San Gimignano .:.:. Prag
Prag, Kempinski Garden: 12 Skulpturen in Edelstahl und Eisen
La Biennale di Venezia – il Padiglione Italia nel mondo
Cologne Paper Art
Art Ulm
Gruppo di figure in cammino, San Gimignano
Cologne Paper Art
Am Blauen See – Königswinter bei Bonn / Skulpturenausstellung .:.:. Galerie
Sculpture Link & Art Nocturne Knokke / Belgien
ART LAREN, Niederlande
Art.Fair Köln
Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen
Skulpturenausstellung Dal Reno all´Università / Bonn
San Gimignano (Sant’Agostino Kloster bis 2022)
Confluentes III – eine Ausstellung im Ludwig Museum Koblenz