Marica Fasoli


"The only thing that brings painting out of obscurity is its quality". It is precisely this definition of quality as the essence of painting that Marica Fasoli interprets. Her training in restoration has permitted her to thoroughly understand the techniques used by the great masters of the past and to apply them to her still life and to her female nudes, creating an effect that certainly recalls classic painting but which, thanks to the explosion of colour, originality of compositions and strong contrasts, differs from it. Her art is not hyperrealist and nor is it intended to be. Marica Fasoli interprets reality, but her painting is not flat or sterile as a photograph may be. In her paintings you can see the gesture, the skilful brushwork that creates movement in the composition. Salvador Dalì said: "He who learns from the artists of the past succeeds in doing what he wants, others, however, just take what comes". Marica Fasoli is passionate about quality, far from those that define themselves "artists" but have no technical knowledge. M.B.

2 Anime
From 15 /11/2013 to 15/12/2013
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San Gimginano
From 30/03/2013 to 1/04/2013
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Cultura+Legalita'=Liberta'. L'arte contro le mafie.
From 25-11/2011 to 18/12/2011
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From 29/09/2010 to 22/10/2010
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San Gimginano
From 12/09/09 to 04/10/09
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Edizioni Gagliardi - 2010
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