Mariko Isozaki


Mariko Isozaki exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 2005 to 2013.

Mariko Isozaki (1964 - 2013)

I thought about the first impression of "life" that I got from her works. The works are not realistic representations of living things, but they have a sense of soft curving lines, a balance of colour and a lustre which exudes life. Some people see these shapes as body parts; others as ripening blossoms. Viewing her works, one experiences the same feelings as viewing an animate objects: a warmth and a living texture. This is precisely how she intends it to be ."one can only perceive my works through the sense of sight, so I want to make objects which suggest warmth, fragrances and texture a as well. Indeed, when people describe her work they often use words like tactile and olfactory, terms which cannot possibly pertain only to the sense of sight. These combined perceptions are exactly what create the feeling of space, the relationship to the surroundings and the sense of life. They enliven the gulf between the viewer and the object and create an atmosphere otherwise unattainable through the single sense of sight. Her works, of course, don't move or grow, but the space around them changes because of their existence. The addition of other perceptions strengthens the unity between the viewer and the viewed. One can forget that her works are just ceramics.

In 1990 he graduated in "Craft and Industrial Design" at the Musashino University of Art in Tokyo, where he then taught for ten years, before specialising at the "Gaetano Ballardini" State Institute of Ceramics in Faenza (1992).
From 1994 to 2009 he presented a number of solo shows in various important galleries in Japan, especially in Tokyo, Mie, Osaka, and at the Sogetsu Art Museum in Tokyo (1999). His activity then developed at an international level, with other personal exhibitions, including: Consulate General of Japan, Milan (2003); Galleria Fogolino, Trento (2006); Zen Art, Milan (2007); Associazione Culturale Arte Giappone, Milan (2007); Naviglio Modern Art, Milan (2007; '08). He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including: "International Ceramic Competition Mino", Gifu, Japan (1998); "International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics", Faenza (1999; 2003); "ASIART", Genoa (1999); "Scultura Gioiello", Lugano and Chiasso (1999); "Abitare il Tempo2, Verona (1999); "Art Works on the Desktop", Tokyo (1999-2001); "La Diversità2, Florence and Lecce (2000); "100 Kleine Werken Van Grote Meesters", Ostenda, Belgium (2000); "Naturalezza Inventada2, Cordoba and Lugo, (2000); LINEART, Brussels (2000); "Bianco e Nero", Monza (2001); "Art Rotterdam" (2001); "Duo Exhibition", Nijmegen, Holland (2001); "New Movements in Craft", Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka (2002-'04); "Salon de la Céramique d'Art Contemporain", Paris, (2006); "ArtVerona" (2006; '08); Galleria Hausamman, Cortina d'Ampezzo, (2007); Galleria Repetto & Co. , Acqui Terme (2007); Naviglio Modern Art Gallery, Milan (2007; '09).
His works are present in important public and private collections, including: Saitama Prefectural Government Building, Japan; Cosmos Welfare Institution for the Aged, Tokyo; Kawaguchi Institution for the Aged, Saitama; Proud City Umejima, Tokyo; Zushi Ocean Villa Riviera, Kanagawa; Art Blanc Ooimachi Musée, Tokyo; Kotsu Eidan Ito Heart Spa, Shizuoka, Japan; Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, Osaka; Inax Corporation, Japan; Kyug-Hee University, South Korea; Kutani Ceramics Institute, Ishikawa, Japan; Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica, Faenza; Museo Internazionale della Ceramica, Faenza; Sogetsu Art Museum, Tokyo; Kampo Health Center, Saitama; Meiji Life Insurance Land Axis Tower, Saitama; Trendmicro Corporation, Taipei.
In 2005, thanks to a scholarship from the Japanese government, he studied marble techniques in Carrara, where he had been living periodically since 1999, collaborating with the SGF and Corsanini Laboratories and where he took part in Torano Notte e Giorno (1999; '03; '06). In 2008 he took part in "Donna Scultura", VI ed., in the Church of S. Agostino in Pietrasanta.

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Public and Private Collections

Kotsu Eidan Ito Hearth Spa "SANTENYA Ito" (Shizuoka, Japan)   
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport (Osaka, Japan)   
INAX Corporation (Japan)   
Kyug-Hee University (Korea)   
Kutani Ceramics Institute (Ishikawa, Japan)   
Faenza National Ceramic Arts Institute (Faenza, Italy)   
Faenza International Museum of Ceramic (Faenza, Italy)   
Sogetsu Art Museum (Tokyo)   
Museum of Model (Pietrasanta, Italy)   
Saitama Prefectural Government Building (Saitama, Japan)   
Kampo Health Center "RAFRE Saitama" (Saitama, Japan)   
Cosmos Welfare Institution for the Aged (Tokyo)   
Meiji Life Insurance Land Axis Tower (Saitama, Japan)   
Kawaguchi Institution for the Aged (Saitama, Japan)   
"PROUD CITY Umejima" (Tokyo)   
"Zushi Ocean Villa RIVIERA" (Kanagawa, Japan)   
"ART BLANC Ooimachi Musée" (Tokyo)   
Trendmicro Corporation (Taipei)   
NIKI RESORT Inc. (Tokyo)   
"PROUD CITY Shinurayasu" (Chiba)   
DAYS Inc. Showroom (Tokyo)   
"VENASIS Kanamachi" (Tokyo)   
City hall of Tachikawa (Tokyo)   
Soushi Gakuen High School (Okayama)   
Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum (Taipei)   
Ark Hills Front Tower (Tokyo) 

From 05/03/2010 to 07/03/2010
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