Martha Eugenia Pachon


Martha Pachon graduated in Fine Arts in "Surcolombiana" University of Neiva in 1995. From 1990 she began hers professional career as a teacher in Art Education at the Institute of INEM Neiva, Colombia and from 1996 to 2000 she taught sculpture and design at the "Surcolombiana" University of Neiva. From 1997 to 1999 she has taught Color Theory and Design in Textile Design and Fashon the "Corporaci'n Universitaria" of Neiva, Colombia. Martha Pachonòs porcelain light installations, sculptures, jewels and design pieces are glossy, between the oneiric and concrete, are composed of paradoxical and imaginative seeds, petals or wings. Some pieces as "Seins-oursins" are composed by small and impossible fragments as spikes; fascinating handmade pieces, one by one, without any mechanical means. Others as "Wedding cloak" little triangles fastened with wire, made over one year of patient and intense work. The cloak is a similar to a shimmering sea rain that invades and strikes a chord in our deepest imagination, somewhere between sweetness, eroticism and pleasure.

San Gimginano
From 30/03/2013 to 1/04/2013
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