Matteo Massagrande


"His paintings have especialy intimacy, where light and colour play predominant, almost exclusive roles. P.R. " Massagrande's vision is completely interiorized sensitivity, the stimulation of a prehensile memory moved to accentuate the light that radiates from things and that constitutes the texture of matter, of nature, of flesh,of the setting, like a syncopated and expanded resonation of energy, passion and engagement. A substantial "nostalgia" of forms, places, colours, odours, atmospheres, cuts of light, impressions, and emotions permeates an executive tension maintained by great skill and mastery, and carries forward a desire and a need to create something, not by way of representation, the pure and simple recomposition of thr image of reality, but as something felt anew, an inner resonance that stimulates and sharpens our sensory memory. It is a sort of singular imprinting that reestablishes the relationship withthe real, against the instability of overhasty vision that slips over things, and against the indeterminacy and inadequacy of prepackaged mass-culture images in the press and on television. Every object assumesy particular meaning in the fluid context of his personal experience of life, comprising tactile memories, technical suggestions, olfactory references, aesthetic tastes, and the accumulation of memories of presences, gestures, words and sounds. But this does not mean that Massagrande aims for the restitution of the object in and of itself, as an archaeological relic of his own history, and thus seeks to make it theexclusive subject of the tale and of a practice of painting that is simply the yardstick and reaffirmation of rediscovered time against the nostalgia for lost time. G.S.