Matthias Brandes


Matthias Brandes is an anomalous painter. A Painter who uses the canvas as a support to carve out a fairytale reality with his paintbrush. Enchanted landscapes where the houses huddle up together in a silent embrace, perched on low hills or reposing on flat lagoons. What mainly catches the eye in these constructions, which are intended as geometrical solids, is the rough and granular material they are made of. A highly sophisticated material that Brandes obtains using rich egg tempera, with no water, mixed with oil colours. The balanced rhythm of spaces and the austere, essential palette (reduced to the ochres and greys of the walls, the dark greens of the trees, and lifted up only by the shrill red of the roofs), speak in an immediate language of the emotions that has no need of stories. It is a language with precise and harmonious rhythms, like a musical score, and it touches the innermost chords of our being. Rhese works are always dominated by an exquisitely Quattrocento-like harmony, in which every doubt is finally put to rest in the perfect volumes of Piero della Francesca. Text from Alessandra Redaelli