Michelangelo Galliani


Michelangelo Galliani exhibits in our gallery since 2016.

Michelangelo Galliani was born in 1975 in Montecchio Emilia, Reggio Emilia. He began working as a very young sculptor. He attended the Art Institute before Paolo Toschi di Parma, Technical Scenography, address. Specializes, then,at Institute for Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and graduated, finally, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Sculpture. Currently in addition to his work as a sculptor he is Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia and teaches of techniques of marble and semiprecious stones at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. He began by exposing very young in 1996 Vecchio Foro Boario in Reggio Emilia, and the castle of Montecchio Emilia; since then, Galliani was protagonist with its metamorphic figures, creations carved out of white marble of Carrara and others types of marble. The use of surgical instruments to work the marble, marks an important milestone in the growth of his conceptual work.