Monica Marioni


Monica Marioni exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi in 2011.

The vigilant and sensitive artist Monica Marioni visually gives life to her sensations and makes discovering these re-found values through her sophisticated digital images. So she created the "Nymphs"-series, with contemporary portraits of mysterious women set into imaginary sceneries. However, the artist is not searching for outer beauty and purity, but for values of an ideal world. The unreal spaces, strange surroundings lived-in by barely unearthly subjects, are full of mystic symbols, secret allusions and universal references to all times and cultures. Eastern and Western world, but also past, future and eternity seem to be merged in each picture. Monica Marioni created with these complex images of demigoddesses from beyond, using an elaborated technique, an ingenious world of eternal desire, silent dreams and pure femininity. In this way the myth of the nymphs and of the four elements, which exist from prehistoric and antique times, live again in a quite new interpretation.

  2019 HOTEL MO.MA. ANNO I – Vicenza – (2019 – In Progress)
        2017 FAME! – PAN | Art Palace of Naples, Naples
Mar. 2015 FAME! – Luciana Matalon Foundation, Milan
        2014 REBUS Roma, Como, Lugano, Milano (2013 – 2014)
Feb. 2013 REBUS – Luciana Matalon Foundation, Milan
Jan. 2013 REBUS – San Pietro in Atrio, Como
Feb. 2012 REBUS – Bramantes Chloister, Rome
Nov. 2010 IO SONO – Stelline Foundation, Milan
Sept. 2009 NINFE – Vignato per l’Arte Foundation, Vicence
Jun. 2009 ALTER EGO – Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice
Mar. 2009 EGO – Collateral event 53esima Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Detournement 2009 – Molino Stucky, Venice
Aug. 2009 MARIONI – Museo De Arte Italiano, Lima
May 2008 ...NON È LA MIA INTROSPEZIONE... – Capricorno & Nabis Galleries, Capri
Feb. 2008A MERICAN IDOL – Poltrona Frau Showroom, Washington D.C.
Sept. 2007 MONICA MARIONI – Carlo Livi Art Gallery, Miami
Sept. 2007 CHIAMATEMI PER NOME – Yvonne Artecontemporanea Gallery, Vicence


Dec. 2007 THE ODISSEY WITHIN – Agora Gallery, New York
Dec. 2007 GENOVARTE – Satura Gallery, Stella palace, Genova
May 2007 BIENNALE SATURARTE – Satura Gallery, Pisa
May 2007 ITALIARTS – Town Hall, Stoccarda
Apr. 2007 CORPO/SEGNO/SUPERFICIE – Sekanina Gallery, Estense Castle, Ferrara
Mar. 2006 SENZA PREGIUDIZI – Crispi Palace, Napoli


Nov. 2010NINFE – Marioni Monica, Tschirky Oliver Orest – AlcionEdizioni
Aug. 2010IL VUOTO E LE FORME – Bellati Anna Caterina, Bugatti Angelo – Bellatieditore
Caneva Giancarlo, Santese Enzo – Poligrafiche San Marco
Nov. 2008WORK CATALOG – Monica Marioni
Feb. 2007WORK CATALOG – Morra Corrado, Zaru Antonina

Dec. 2008FIORINO D'ORO - XXVI PREMIO FIRENZE – First prize – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence