Monica Marioni


The vigilant and sensitive artist Monica Marioni visually gives life to her sensations and makes discovering these re-found values through her sophisticated digital images. So she created the "Nymphs"-series, with contemporary portraits of mysterious women set into imaginary sceneries. However, the artist is not searching for outer beauty and purity, but for values of an ideal world. The unreal spaces, strange surroundings lived-in by barely unearthly subjects, are full of mystic symbols, secret allusions and universal references to all times and cultures. Eastern and Western world, but also past, future and eternity seem to be merged in each picture. Monica Marioni created with these complex images of demigoddesses from beyond, using an elaborated technique, an ingenious world of eternal desire, silent dreams and pure femininity. In this way the myth of the nymphs and of the four elements, which exist from prehistoric and antique times, live again in a quite new interpretation.