Ornella Baratti Bon


Ornella Baratti Bon's art has undeniably Central European implications. Her most recent works are almost without exception domestic scenes set in interiors, and tend increasingly to narrate through figures. Critics have already remarked in the past on this air of "daily life narrative", pervading the discourse that Baratti Bon has been engaged in since the sixties, and have pointed to a constant progressing "from the intimate to the fantastic" as the main feature of her figuration. At first sight, in fact, this seems indeed to be the dominant register in her painting. And yet, if one takes a closer and deeper look, one cannot fail to see that the source of her narrative is not after all a world of fantasy. Her art can rather be described as emblematic of the very nature of daily life, as exeplifying the "absurd" lurking in it, the "shadows" that pervade it. All in all, if considered chronologically and in their enirety, Ornella Baratti's paintings may be said to form the chapters of a long narration about life. Marco Fagioli