Like setting out in a little boat in the middle of a very large and deep ocean. Speaking, like paintings, is like embarking on a similar journey. I cannoy even keepquiet because there are so many things tosay: how I find myself between light and darkness, amongst the infinite images and thoughts which occupy my mind. With painting I can describe situations and with subtle vibrations of colour I can compose musical pieces, and partecipate in other people's joys, offering them my coloured testimony of this wonderful existence. Everything comes spontaneously. From the depths of silence can be heart fascinating sounds and so I listen in my precious moments of solitude. To set out and to go in the directionof the light,yes, where the paths are lost in infinity. Thus we can feel there is no beginning and no end, therefore a detailed landscape is lost in the unity of being. With the light we enter into the dimension of absolute depth. I want to dance with the colours and the wind which carrier me away, in a small area like that of a picture. It does not matter, in the mental microcoemic dream, we can live a momento as though it were years, and in every moment be aware of an infinite cosmos. A life which flows and vibrates in us and in all the parts of nature, creating images the play of light and shadow. POSO

San Gimignano
From 23/05/1992 to 18/06/1992
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