Raffaele Minotto


Present in our gallery since 2012.

Raffaele Minotto is distinguished by time for the effectiveness of its palette and for the ability to represent in nature atmospheres of strong resonance sensory, for the amount of pasta that sfrange chromatic light and shape without denying the integrity and complexity of the shape; indeed, once identified the figure, we notice how all of the rhythm of matter and the luministic game is specifically in relation to an enrichment of the very perception and feelings that material, color, shape and virtually vibration changing cause the observer. Recently, the color thickness is plus low, and in a sense becomes stronger through the plant disegnativo and more explicit narrative, but it's still on the amount of light-colored that Minotto obtains its fields of internalization and intense emotional involvement. Raffaele Minotto relies on a particular technique which is to paint directly with tubes of paint to get, with bright colors and a sort of controlled confusion of signs, segments and direct overlap in the distance, to make the scene pure and strong, vibrant in the light and color.