Roberta Coni


Roberta Coni exhibited in Galleria Gagliardi from 2015 to 2016.

Since 2009, her artistic research has been geared toward large-scale paintings, in which the face often emerges from the shadows. An interpretation of the contemplative soul aimed in continuous introspection. Her work is characterized by it's strong realism while combining rougher materials. Female figures with poignant expressions, faces in the foreground, where, with detailed attention, almost lenticular, the brush focuses on the skin and eyes, and in particular to the secret pulse of the pictorial surface. The faces are often violated by time flowing relentlessly on the skin, deforming and shaping it over the years, to lay bare the soul. She has created a compendium of contemporary work as she integrates video-art with the visual language of her paintings for creations made with the same techniques. Lately she has begun an ambitious project related to the pictorial realization of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. She has received numerous awards abroad including England , Turkey and China. On 2011 she is invited at the 54 Biennal of Venice, Illuminazioni


Solo show:

Ritratti Riflessi, Leo galleries,Monza, Italy
December 2014-February 2015 
IMAGO curated by Simona Gavioli, Core Gallery, Napoli-Verona Italia May, 
Dove’l sol tace, curated by MariaLaura Perilli, Museum of SS.Giacomo and Filippo. 
 Brescia, Italy
 ClosHer- the distance is a point of view. 
Curated by Ferdan Yusufi and Giorgio Bertozzi. Doruk Sanat Galerisi, 
Istanbul, Turkey.
INFERNO- DIVINA COMEDIA   Maria Laura Perilli. 
Dachu-Art Provincial Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan ( Hubei) China
FACE TO FACE, curated by Ferdan Yusufi,  and Giorgio Bertozzi  courtesy Galleria Russo- Rome –  Milan (Italy) at Beyo?lu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi,  Istanbul, Turkey.
November, Tentar la Carne  curated by Beatrice Buscaroli. Galleria F.Russo, Rome, Italy
October, Incipit Comoedia, curated by di Alberto Agazzani, Bertoni Fondation, Antiche Scuderie Saluzzo, Cuneo Italy
Sacrum Facere,  curated by di Ivana Lutrissimi and Maria Laura Perilli.
Polo Museale di Sant’Agostino in Cortona, Arezzo, Italy
Mea Culpa- la seduzione del peccato,  curated by Maria Laura Perilli. 
Galleria Triphè, Cortona, Arezzo, Italy
December 2009 - February 2010 
La materia dello sguardo, curated by di Lorenzo Canova, 
Scuderie Aldobrandini, Rome;  Galleria Russo - Asso di Quadri, Milano; Italy
Recent Works, Spazio 4.4, Rome, Italy
Epidermide, curated by Maria Laura Perilli,  Palazzo Chigi Formello, 
Galleria Triphè; Rome, Italy
Vertigine, Magnolia Gallery, La Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome, Italy
Senso, curated by Maria Laura Perilli Galleria Triphè, Cortona, Arezzo, Italy 
Genesi di un tormento, curated by Simona Sacconi. Palazzo degli Alessandri, Viterbo; Italy
July –  Agost L'idea Malsana, curated by Maria Laura Perilli Galleria Triphè, Cortona, Arezzo Italy

Group show: 

7 october - 23 november 
50 ANNI|1967-2017, Galleria Forni, Bologna, Italy
Forza GALERIE Le Royer, Montreal, Canada
April 6th till  6th May 2017
SPRINGTIME, Galleria Forni, Bologna. Italy
from2  till 5 March 
SCOPE New York 2017 - International Contemporary Art Show
Ransom Gallery, London
from 29 November till 4 December
SCOPE Miami Beach 2016 - International Contemporary Art Show
Ransom Gallery, London
Group Show
Bartoux Galerie, Paris, Singapour, New York, Nizza, London.
3th september till – 1th october
12ARTISTE , Galleria Forni, Bologna, Italy
June 2016
European Affair
Fiat Chrysler Motor Village London, by Ransom Gallery.
April /May 
Shakespeare in Rome
 curated by Andrew Dickson,  Galleria Russo, Roma.Italy
16 March/ 20 April
Group Show, at the Ariel Jackob gallery, Paris, France
06 March/17 April
Faces, surrounding the mirrors to the soul. At the Down to art Gallery. Ghent. Belgium
Motor village, Europena Affair, curated by Monica Colussi, Ransom Gallery , London. U.K.
18 October / 28 November
Dante e l’arte contemporanea. Curated by Mario DaRe and Romano Abate
Palazzo Giacomelli, Treviso. Italia
01-13 June 
54th International Bursa Festival - Sintesi, Bursa . Turkey
24 April -21 June
Boundary Lines-Linee di Confine, curated by Marco di Capua. Museo Carlo Bilotti 
(Aranciera di Villa Borghese) Rome. Italy
Quintessenze,  curated by Giorgio Bertozzi and Ferdan Yusufi,Grottaferrata Abbey, Rome. Italy
21 November -04 December
Triennale di Roma, LAST PARADISE curated by Daniele Randini Tedeschi. 
National Library of  Castro Pretorio, Rome. Italy
11 Octorber -06 January 2015
Biennale di arte contemporanea di Salerno. Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno. Italy
November, permanent exhibition Ad imaginem Suam by Alberto Agazzani, MACS
contemporary  art museum of Sicilia, Catania Italy
July, Locus Animae, 8. Biennale Out Off  DEA MADRE  curated by Stefano Momentè, Kursaal  Foyer  Jesolo, (Venezia) Italy
May, Look at me, curated by Adriana Soldini, Municipal Art Gallery, Gaeta, Latina  Italy
January, La parola illustrata, curated by Beatrice Buscaroli, Camplus Bononia, Bologna, Italy
October  Cultura Legalità=Libertà, l’arte contro le mafie, by Roberta Di Chiara
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Roma, Italy
September  Il Divino nell’arte contemporanea, by Marquis Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona,
Museo dei  Bretti e degli Enotri, Cosenza, Italy
June-July  A proposito di donne, Conarte Gallery, Savona, Italy
May V FABBRI PRIZE FOR ART  "Un secolo e 7" by Alberto Agazzani   
Alinari National Museum of Photography. Santa Maria Novella Square, Firenze, Italy
April-May  Donne, solo e  semplicemente donne, by Paolo Infossi, 
Antiche Scuderie, Saluzzo (Cn), Italy
January-February IV FABBRI PRIZE FOR ART  , by di Alberto Agazzani. 
National Gallery of Bologna, Italy
June-November, 54 Biennale di Venezia, ILLUMINAZIONI, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.   
Tese di San Cristofaro Arsenale Nord. Venezia, Italy
July, Locus Animae, 6. Biennale Out Off. Curated by Stefano Momentè, Foyer del Kursaal,  
Jesolo, (Venezia) Italy
December Less is more, Galleria LIBRA arte contemporanea, curated by Alberto Agazzani
Catania, Italy 
November, winner of  Passion for freedom annual competition, UNIT 24 Gallery, 
London. UK  
August, I guardiani dello spirito,visione esoterica esoterismo della visione, by Paolo Lesino and Giacomo Maria Prati. San  Leo Fortress - San Leo (RN)  Arcadia Contemporary Art  Gallery, Tortona (Al), Italy
May, Una Mano per l’AIL 3° edizione. Petrasssi Foyer, Auditorium Parco della
Musica, Roma. auction for AIL(Italian Association against Leukemia - Lymphoma and
Myeloma). Finarte casa d’aste. 
May, Quintessenze, curated by Giorgio Bertozzi, Angelo Andriolo and Ferdan Yusufi                         
Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati (Italy-Rome); NeoartGallery, Rome-Istanbul. 
November, Fresh Paint, curated by Lorenzo Canova Spazio Aratro - Archive for the electronic arts- laboratory for Contemporary art.  Molise University. Campobasso, Italy
July, Rimini Biennal - Sismondi 2009 Contemplazioni - Bellezza e tradizione del nuovo 
nella pittura italiana contemporanea, curated by Alberto Agazzani.Sismondo Castel and  Podestà  Palace, Rimini , Italy
March, Biennale del Mediterraneo, Palazzo Marchesale Taviano, Lecce. 
Galleria Triphè; Italy
2008  December - January 2009 , The 1st International Group Exhibition with Italian artists, curated by Kim Ji Hye, Kim Myung Eun  and Lee Ji Hye. The Orange KTF Gallery KTF group, Seoul, Korea; 
December. Fluidità Concrete, Palazzo Cocozza Campanile, GianMaArt studio gallery, 
Vitulano, Benevento; Italy


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