Roberta Ubaldi


Roberta Ubaldi exhibits in our gallery since 2013.

Roberta Ubaldi was born in Italy in 1965.

Roberta Ubaldi was graduated from the Art Institute "O. Metelli", Terni. After investigating the various classical techniques, she arrive, progressively, to developed its own well-defined style. An extreme technique and colors greatly reduced, these are at the service of her personal work. The continuous research of different materials, has led currently, Roberta Ubaldi, to use iron sheets in which the oxidation created by time, exceeds the status of mere support, to become an essential part of the pictorial work. The love for the human body, leads Ubaldi, to representations from a matrix deliberately figurative still seem to want to hide in a plot of oxidation that speak of time and memory.

In 1984 she obtained a diploma as Fine Arts Teacher. The curiosity and the desire to grow, led her to experiment and so,after studying and applying various classical techniques, she gradually developed a well-defined style of her own, characterized by extreme painting techniques and colours reduced to the bone. The continuous research of different materials led her today to use iron sheets, in which the oxidation created by the time, goes beyond the status of mere support to become an essential part of her pictorial work. The love for the human body, makes her want to represent figures that again, starting from a figurative matrix, seem to be deliberately hidden behind an oxidized texture that speaks of both time and memory.

She have had many personal exhibitions in public spaces, foundations and museums in Italy and abroad.

Many art critics have written texts on his work, including: Franco Profili, Roberta Di Chiara, Gabriele Buratti, Francesco Santaniello, Barbara Codogno, Silvia Prelz, Olga Marciano, Giuseppe Gorga, Cristiana Pecile, Elena Merendelli, Sergio Curtacci, Vania Elettra Tam, Alberto D'Atanasio, Nazzareno Miele,  Daniela Madonna, Francesco Santaniello, Barbara Pavan, Greta Tirloni, Paolo Infossi, Barbara Pavan, Luca Arnaudo, Franklin Watts, Sergio Coppi, Raffaella Renzi, Cristian Porretta, Cristian Porretta, Salvatore Marsiglione, Alessandro de Gregorio,  Marco Testa, Olivia Turchi, Massimo Nicotra, Maria Cristina Angeli, Laura Adreani, Mauro Pulcinella, Daniela Rogani, Rita Pietralunga, Stefania Libera Ceccarelli, Luca Arnaudo, Roberto Milani, Nicoletta Pecile, Barbara Angiolini, Francesco Pullia, Luigi Loteroni, Anna Cochetti, Emanuela Catalano.


San Gimginano
From 30/03/2013 to 1/04/2013
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