Sabina Feroci


Sabina Feroci exhibits in our gallery since 2017.

Sculptures: works already with the choice of material - not bronze or marble or wood, but paper - overturn the laws of sculptural tradition. Figures with their independent nature, with the pride that is typical of security, a state of childhood grace. Astonishment and defiance to the world. Absent the cunning and the whole range of unpleasant and overbearing human expressions so masterfully represented by Daumier in its caricatured terracotta heads, authoritative ancestors of stylized faces typical of Sabina work. Here's dignified silence, almost like a wait, a moment of conscious defense by something greater than themselves. Each has its own strength you need to defend themselves if necessary. He reasoned that the artist dedicates a monument to his creatures. Paper Monuments precisely, monuments to the power of anti-hero, the small, little everyman, that does not need to be a protagonist for to feel someone.