Sandro Lorenzini


Sandro Lorenzini exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi in 1998.

Sandro Lorenzini was born in 1948.
After graduating in set design from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, he worked at La Scala and the Piccolo Teatro in Milan until 1973.
Around the middle of the 1970s he began to frequent the artistic environment of Albissola and approached ceramics. In 1981 he won second place in the prize for ceramics dedicated to Bianco d'Albisola organised by the Municipality of Albissola Marina and the Tourist Board.
In 1984 Sandro Lorenzini went to the United States where he participated in several sculpture workshops.
In the mid-eighties he began working with the Albisola ceramic factory "Fabbrica Casa Museo G. Mazzotti 1903" owned by Bepi and Tullio Mazzotti.
In 1986 he began to devote himself to sculpture, creating several large works exhibited at the Priamar Fortress as part of the "Percorsi" exhibition.
In 1988 he is in California, at the School of Art Sculpture Department of the Californian State University, as a lecturer and researcher.
In July of the same year Sandro Lorenzini organised a number of workshops for the prestigious American university at the "Fabbrica Casa Museo G. Mazzotti 1903" and at the School of Ceramics in Albisola Superiore.
At the end of the 1980s he opened his own workshop in Albisola.
In 1993 he took part in the exhibition "Pezzi di Tempo" held in Savona and in 1994 he was present at the Arte Fiera in Bologna.
At the beginning of the 2000s he held an important solo sculpture exhibition at the Reggia di Caserta.
Sandro Lorenzini chose ceramic art as his means of expression, seeking from the outset the large size and the direct relationship between the works and the spaces that house them.
The large site-specific installations have been his most distinctive expressive dimension.
The quality of his creations and the very high level of his technical research have made him famous all over the world.
He has exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, China, Japan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.
He has been awarded in international competitions and biennials such as those of Faenza, Vallauris (France), Mino (Japan), Cairo (Egypt), Foshan (People's Republic of China).
He has lectured at prestigious American universities (U.C. Berkeley, San Jose State University, Anderson Ranch Center for the Arts) and at ceramic centres of excellence in Japan (Shigaraki, Seto, Mino) and China (Foshan, Fu-Ping, Jingdezhen).
His large-scale works have been acquired by major museums around the world.

PERCORSI Fortezza del Priamar, Savona, 1986
LA CASA DEL RE Reggia di Caserta,1996
LO SPAZIO RITROVATO Castello di Roccavignale, Savona, 2000
SETO Seto City Cultural Center, Aichi, Giappone, 2004
LA FONTANA DELLE ORE Loano, Savona, 2007
COMPOSIZIONI SOSPESE Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Center, Giappone, 2007
IL SIGNORE DEL FUOCO Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Center, Giappone, 2007
UNA MOSTRA Galleria Conarte, Savona, 2009


angeli d'aria, angeli di terra
San Gimignano
From 25/04/1998 to 13/05/1998
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