Sergio Zanni


Sergio Zanni exhibits in our gallery since 2016.

Sergio Zanni was born in Ferrara on May 22nd, 1942. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna studying painting and deepening research on modeling. In the while, until 1995, he teached in the Institute art "Dosso Dossi" of Ferrara. Featured in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, Sergio Zanni is now considered one of the great national sculpture. Among the last exhibitions, are highlighted the exhibitions in 2004 at Palazzo Massari Ferrara, in 2011 at the Biennale di Venezia, in 2012 in Berlin, in 2014 the Museum Magi of '900 . "The wayfarer, then, is not just a topic for the artist to develop: it is the very essence of the artist's decades-long search. The wayfarer is also a person who travels through time and space. He is the bearer of stories and the custodian of wisdom. Hovering over the precipice that separates the past from the unknown, between tradition and subversion. He is the person that sews together an interior baggage of experiences and anecdotes through his nomadic lifestyle. Lastly, he is the one who considers spirituality the only wealth which is worthy of being treasured during our eventful earthly existence."

Pellegrini, Viaggiatori, Viandanti
San Gimignano
From 02/07/2016 to 30/07/2016
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Sergio Zanni
Edizioni Gagliardi - 2016
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