Sylvia Catasta


Sylvia Catasta exhibits in our gallery since 2019.

Sylvia Catasta was born in Fermo, graduated in Restoration at “U. Preziotti” Institute of Art and at the same time got her Master’s Degree in Flute at the “G. B. Pergolesi” Conservatory of Music.Very soon she was invited to take part in group shows in the Marche region, gaining good approvals and commissions for portraits, until music took her elsewhere.Moved to Milan to deepen her musical studies, she began a career playing as flutist and piccoloist for the most prestigious orchestras of the classical panorama as “La Verdi” in Milan, the Teatro alla Scala, the Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia, while collaborating with the most famous artists of the pop / rock scene as Orchestra Arranger. In these years however she continued drawing portraits, until 2017 when painting came back forcefully in her life. In December 2018 some of her works have been exhibited by the Galleria Mario Giusti HQ in Milan and in May 2019 one of hers was auctioned and sold by Sotheby's. The Value, as a moral and intellectual dimension, is the concept that moves each of her works, more or less explicitly. The Cloud series comes from the need to catch a light, a color, that moment of wonder that leads us to ignore the time and connecting it to sensations, memories, sounds. In a synesthetic analogy where the form is melody, Sylvia's clouds are a celebration of the sound mixture, of color as light that creates images and emotions that are always subjective and individual.