Tiziana Cera Rosco


Tiziana Cera Rosco exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi in 2016.

Tiziana Cera Rosco, artist, was born in 1973. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated by Sacred Scripture and by Nature; hers is a mystical and wild, visionary poetry, that she has managed to transfer both in her photographic works (for which she has invented her own manual processing technique), her sculptures and in performances. In her work the humanist idea of Total Artist - capable of using every artistic and natural means available (including herself, in every way) to reveal a vision - can be found. Each work is a self-portrait, realized in isolation, being it a sculpture or a picture. And each self-portrait is a performative gesture consumed in solitude.Through installations, music, photography, written word, image, performances, the artist has dealt with the themes concerning the Body: a Body always overflowing with an unsolved tension and dedication to Sacred: she has treated of double, deposition, family love and wild chastity. Her more recent artworks are focused on the themes of Forgiveness, Fall and Protection, and her own appearance becomes an icon, thanks to the very long skirts she makes and wears. Her photographs are immersed in a sacred horizon, often recalling mythological topics, in which the figures, often nude, are born from darkness. In a monastery she holds meditation courses, dedicated to transcription of texts by hand, as well as classes of photographic autobiography. She has also published several books of poems, translated into 4 languages, and has been invited to numerous National and International Festivals, artistic residences, art galleries, conferences and monasteries. She has been working in theaters, with a trilogy of animals on femininity and with texts by poets inspiring her. She has performed and presented her artworks in several museums and galleries, in Italy and abroad. At present she is working, by multimedia writing, at the Requiem per Olmo (Requiem for an Elm), and at the Commentary to the Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross. Starting from winter 2016, in her new atelier in Piacenza, an ancient, crumbling looking palace, she began working at her project ASTERIONE, born around the idea of Minotaur and of inhabiting one's own labirint. She leads Aspera, a project of artistic hermitage, inside the little "Casa Del Senza" (Home of Without) in Waldensian land. She has a passion for deer, wolves, Byzantine icons and when she grows old, she will become a falconer.