Vito Vasta


Vito Vasta exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 1993 to 1994.

Vito Vasta explores on ceramic slabs all the expressive possibilities offered by the material, becoming increasingly aware of the material and spiritual energies that live in it. This is how his work develops as the sign, the symbol, of a tension towards the absoluteness of space, itself the centre of metaphysical unity. 

...Recognising the "tangle" as a strategy of the other, beyond its being matter, participating in the relationship of surrender, constriction or escape, it is possible for the artist to intuit the imaginary spaces where the "secret maps" articulate the desire for freedom.
In this sense, the art of terracotta arises on an unknown code, ready to emerge in the suggestion of its own power, the dust of the earth being the memory and remembrance of a whole, with which it dialogues in successive experiences. Then the theoretical adventure of a text arises in the investigation of a language, a place of the possibility of saying and of referring to something already inscribed, hidden or to something inexpressible, despite the "restitution"... .  

Galleria Gagliardi - 1992: mostra personale  di Vito Vasta, testo di Vittoria Biasi