Wilhelm Senoner


Wilhelm Senoner exhibited at Galleria Gagliardi from 2007 to 2013.

Mostra personale "Figure senza Tempo" Galleria Gagliardi, 2007

A parallel world’s inhabitants, half elf and half argonaut, where time mixes between past and future, giving life to creatures with strange appearance and tall colours.
This is the world created by Wilhelm Senoner: These are wooden sculptures with lightly coarse surface, coloured by a miscellany of vivid pastel colours, flat figures from a front view, but, when we change the perspective, they offer a singular depth.
Silent creatures observing the spectator from the height of theirs pedestals, as if they knew the secrets that they hide in the depth of their intimacy, a look that does not judge, but which would like to offer its complicity with a light irony.

Isabella Del Guerra, 2007 

Wilhelm Senoner - sculptor and painter - was born in 1946,

1960-1965 Attends art school
1965-1977 Worked for renowned artists.

His figures often sit cross-legged. They appear flat to anyone who only studies them from the front, without changing perspective. However, they do, in fact, boast unusual depth, an original dimension, which gives substance to their appearance. Wilhelm Senoner's sculptures are, "something which-writes Paolo Ricci-at long last breaks away from the wellknown moulds of Cubism, Surrealism, Constructivism and Pop Art which contemporary art has already digested" too much". In a kind of figurative oxymoron, the works of Senoner appear ambiguous and transparent, simple and complex, soft and sharp-cornered, cast and winning. Although not the only subject, the female figure is certainly the epicentre of Senoner's art, with poetry and inspiration. Starting from the gothic mould, Senoner pushes himself to embrace "ideal classicism", to use Rizzi's words again. Not by chance do his themes mainly depict human figures. And the setting for his works is no chance either, as they are always displayed on pedestals, evoking references to thestage. Another important aspect of Senoner's art is nature, namely plant and animal images. Through his world of plant and animal shapes, the artist shows a certain fondness for stimulating the observer's curiosity, not so much to lead it to an illusionist escape from reality but rather towards a seismographic surface on which to project whose aim is to contrast with the rational, paradoxically disquiting, tables of statistical data and risk calculations. The semantics of an ambivalent system are thus disclosed in the synthesis of emotion and reflection. Andrea Ferrazzi


Ert tl zënter
16.07.2021 - 17.09.2021

Spazio espositivo
21.05.2020 - 31.10.2021

Vaia/Grande Guerra
25.09.2021 - 25.10.2021

Triennale di Arte Visive Roma
11.06.2021 - 21.06.2021

Shop & Art ORTISEI
28.05.2021 - 16.07.2021

16. Giornata del contemporaneo AMACI
05.12.2020 - 31.12.2020

Italia e Inghilterra unite in un'asta d'arte contro il COVID-19
23.04.2020 - 10.05.2020

Premio Internazionale
"La Lupa" ROMA
10.02.2020 - 13.02.2020

Mostra al Typak Center Wilhelm Senoner
22.12.2019 - 30.03.2020


2021 Ert tl zënter
2021 Vaia/Grande Guerra
2020 Spazio espositivo
2021 Triennale di Arte Visive Roma
2021 Shop & Art ORTISEI
2020 16. Giornata del contemporaneo AMACI
2020 Italia e Inghilterra unite in un'asta d'arte contro il COVID-19
2020 Premio Internazionale
"La Lupa" ROMA
2019 Mostra al Typak Center Wilhelm Senoner
2019 Controtempo
2019 Wilhelm Senoner il tagliatore d'immagini
2018 Wilhelm Senoner - Lo scultore delle Dolomiti
2018 Il ritmo dell' essere
2018 Uomo con Scudo/Aquilone - Spirito delle Dolomiti
2018 Squarci
2017 Elogio all'ombra
2017 Murfrëit Lobach
2016 Murfrëit Passo Gardena
2016 Incontro con Daverio
2015 Giornata porta aperta
2015 Festa di compleanno
2015 Francis Bacon & Wilhelm Senoner
2014 Mystik Berg
2014 mito & uomo & montagna
2014 “Nerone Senoner Müller”
2014 ie Iona
2013 Baciato per la vita
2013 Il ritmo dell'essere
2012 Im Dialog
2012 Nel profumo del vento
2012 L’aria sottile e pura
2012 Uno di noi
2011 Biennale Venezia
2011 Nel profumo del vento
2010 Zirmerhof
2010 Evoluzione
2010 Nel vento - Bari
2009 Museo Diocesano
2007 Kulturverein Schnals
2006 Missio
2007 Kartause Allerengelberg - Schnalstal
2007 Certosa in Val Senales
2007 Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung Lobbach
2006 Mario Rimoldi - Cortina d'Ampezzo
2006 Museo d'arte moderna Mario Rimoldi
2006 Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano
2006 Missio - Aachen
2005 Galerie Max 21 - Ophofen
2005 Interart.nl - Beeldentuin
2004 Castel Coira - Sluderno
2004 Galerie Altesse - Nendeln
2003 Galerie Kersten - Brunntal
2002 Galerie Hakl - Landshut
2002 Comune di Ortisei
2000 Dom Miden Westfahlen
1997 Cappella del cimitero di Ortisei
1995 Amministrazione Provinciale Bolzano
1995 Galerie Oswald - Wolknestein Selva Gardena
1993 Circolo artistico di Ortisei
1990 Kulturzentrum Sekau
1987 Curatorio Castel Presule, Fié

Padiglione Italia - della 54°Biennale di Venezia.
From 26/02/2012 to 26/02/2012
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San Gimignano
From 10/02/2007 to 08/03/2007
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