Critical Texts

Majone Di Sora


"... Man is mistery, the artist even perfection, in every gesture, in his hands and voice, in his never complying acts.
And “Art is not to be learnt” says Miele. It is a cerebral worm, fortunately active. It leads you everywhere, in the ideal spaces or between the hands tired of the daily work.

Amedeo di Sora

“Solitude is at the core of Vittorio Miele’s human and artistic life: the mirror reflecting a “further” image and painting as a salvation way for the chance that offers, through an urge to the roots of the existential condition, of a total detachment from things.”
“...Nevertheless Miele’s eyes would like to alight on everything with sweetness: but how to set free from a memory vision which made always violence to his heart?...It is useless to look inside himself for the blue of the sky: for the one who grew in the snowstorm, his soul has only the possibility to eat from winds and clouds and live in the mistery that pervades itself...”

Daniele Majone
Galleria Gagliardi - 2009: "Disegni" tribute exhibition to Vittorio Miele