Critical Texts

De rerum natura, ANNALU
Isabella Del Guerra

De rerum natura

Every one of us, focused completely on a busy life, is surrounded by hedges that stop us from seeing beyond, hedges which, in our everyday lives, stop us from being ourselves, from giving way to sincere emotions, hedges that force us to wear masks to be liked or feared. “.. But sitting and gazing..”* the gaze succeeds in going further, in being captured and reaching beyond the hedge, because the soul calms down and gets ready to grasp the magic and the freedom of the works by Annalù.
We sit and look at the butterflies, which rest lightly on transparent roses artfully created with a resin similar to the foam of the waves, we imagine the wind rustling through the petals and leaves, we look at other leaves, which seem to be made of ice, resting on fragments of tree trunks found in the enchanted world, where the silence is supernatural.
We sit and look at books with rivers of words springing up from their pages, untidy letters that, thanks to a cryptic alphabet, point the way to inner knowledge.
“And to shipwreck is sweet for me in this sea.” 1*
Annalù uses just a few elements to compose her sculptures, but every one of them stores memories in the making.
The earth, origin of life and guardian of death, roots, the strength of which succeeds in overcoming the most solid and resistant barriers, sand, which, since the beginning of the earth, has been collecting the stories of time, and butterflies, messengers of divine whispers.
Annalù’s sculptures are fascinating, the works of a woman-artist who, with firm determination, has set out on an arduous path: it is not easy to combine an emotionless material like the resin with an expressive language full of wonder, freshness and light poetry. Annalù, an artist of outstanding inner strength who has pursued her personal idea of beauty, opening up doors to enchanted worlds, making us enjoy the light, allowing us to tear the curtain, overcome the hedge, and regain the joyful and harmonious fruition of beauty and gentle elegance.

Galleria Gagliardi - 2012: solo exhibition "DE RERUM NATURA - la natura delle cose"by Annalù,curated by Isabella Del Guerra 
1* taken from: Giacomo Leopardi, The Infinite.