Critical Texts

Isabella Del Guerra


Splashes of mellow oil colours not dried up yet are still on my hands after setting up Sando Negri's art exhibition. Hues of white and blue, the colours of the night  and of the moon.The evening is the best time to prepare exhibitions. In the silence of my gallery already closed, I am looking at my hands, at the night sky through the window and the paintings of Sandro Negri. Many night landscapes, many moons in the woorks peeping through as windows on the walls around me.Each work a world in itself, an emotion, a journey. Each painting has a story to tell, a silent place for an intense spell to be a drown in and sensed.
Who has never lived a moonlit night , the silences full of noises like the melody of whispering leaves, crickets, breeze and scents the night sharpens? And now I am lying on a meadow, and there, in the distance, a cosy house, and an enormous moon hanging over it. I fency life animating that modest house, the housewife plying her evening care while a worn out peasant from the fields is lighting the hearth to spread warmth. Hungry children are lying the table while some others are doing their homework before falling asleep. And outside the whispering of the night and the silent, loving moon waking. And further works. From the borders of a fild I can behold the dark outlines of bare trees, vine shoots looming up against the sky and cypress trees night sheltering clouds of exstused birds from flight on a sunnydsy. Everything is sleeping, floodlit by the silvery reflections of the moon.Light pool-rushes round a pond are lulled by the night zephyr while plying and dancing with it. And then, the enchanting sea just before the embrace of darkness. The sky over it stages a fight between light and shadowiness. Lit by orange and embers like fires just fading at the top from violet to indigo, louring clouds somersault while quieting down to welcome the falling night. The exhibition is ready. Just another look around. I put the lights off and softly leave not to spoil the quietness of these magic nights.

Galleria Gagliardi - 2006: solo exhibition "Luna Morgana" by Sandro Negri curated by Isabella Del Guerra