Critical Texts

Isabella Del Guerra


Landscape will always exert an irresistible allure over artist and people. Watching and observing are activitieswhich liberate the mind through vision. Landscape in painting apparently is innocuous as a postcard,however when one observes a painting it is understood that we are compelled to view with different eyes.No photograph can be equivalent to a painting.In other words,that which we see or are able to frame within a photograph, is not what we see when we paint.Positioning oneself before a trestle,in front of a canvas,preparing it and painting a part of the world which surrounds us activates a different mechanism of participation and consciousness. Distance is time.The time which is required to paint a landscape is the same which articulates solitude:that of the artist.The pieces are of common contemporary landscapes with vast horizons.Their allure is in this release,that which one sees coincides with what s/he feels.What is presented,rather,is the pleasure of focusing on something with tenuous margins,allowing oneselfto be completely absorbed by the act of viewing-seeing.Even the symbols retreat before the landscape,infinity absorbs them too.In this way Giovannini extends his works with calm lyricism:they mean to capture someting simple,refresh a pleasure not yet totally forgotten.With this painting introduces a lenteur which reconcilies with things.Losing oneself in observation is a part not only of poetic imagery,rather it belongs(and is able to belong)to that which we encounter in daily live.The artist reminds us of this with his painting through the ease and immediacy of inalienable truths.

Galleria Gagliardi - 2005: Personal exhibition by Andrea Giovannini" Magie del silenzio " presentation by Isabella Del Guerra